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2020 BSB v7.0 Training Package Update is Out Now!

The New BSB v7.0 Training Package is Now Available on!

The Business Services Training Package is undergoing sweeping changes to its qualifications and units of competency this year. The new 2020 BSB training package supersedes nearly every qualification and unit in the training package, and many are not equivalent to their superseded counterparts.

Some of the major changes include: 

  • Thirty-three (33) new qualifications 
  • A number of qualifications removed entirely from the training package 
  • Major consolidation of qualifications into the core Business courses with similar learning outcomes achieved through ‘streams’

Also, the training and assessment resources for almost every single unit of competency has been rewritten in the BSB catalogue. In fact, the BSB v7.0 is one of the biggest and most significant changes the industry has seen in years. 

Learn more about the update hereSee the complete changes to the BSB Business Services Training Package on 

What does the BSB v7.0 Training Package Mean for Registered Training Organisations (RTO) 

An update to training packages usually means more work for RTOs. Organisations need to secure the brand-new RTO resources immediately so they can keep up with the learner demand. 

Because the 2020 BSB Training Package is such a major change, it is now more important than ever for RTOs to secure the training resources they need and ensure they are up to date with the latest qualifications and units.  

RTOs that are able to adapt and react to these changes quickly will have the biggest advantages now and down the line. Getting the latest BSB training resources now means RTOs will have plenty of time to contextualise, modify, customise, and re-brand their materials to fit the needs of their learners, add courses to scope and be ready to deliver training late 2020 and early 2021 as demand picks up. 

Compliant Learning Resources’ New and Improved BSB Training Resources 

To keep in line with the latest training package updates, us at Compliant Learning Resources and our partners have decided to make significant upgrades to our learning and assessment tools 

Our main goal is to help you provide quality training to your students. In line with this, our new and improved RTO training materials have: 

  • Better Volume and Depth of Learning Activities 
  • Detailed Skill-Based Assessments 
  • Robust Benchmarking and Marking Guides 
  • Overall Upgraded Validation and QA Processes 
  • Enhanced Learning Tools  
  • Exceptional PowerPoint Presentations 
  • Optional e-Learning Resources 

We know it’s going to be a challenge in the next few months for RTOs as they scramble to keep up with the shift. These huge changes require serious investment and as a resource developer, we wanted to minimise the impact this has for you.  

Check Out Our BSB v7.0 RTO Resources 

Get ahead of this update by securing your 2020 BSB training resources today! Take a look at the RTO resources for the new BSB qualifications: 

We have a wide range of 2020 BSB RTO resources available now, with plenty of qualifications and units of competency still to come.  

View our expansive catalogue to see more training products. For more information, feel free to call 1300 885 484 or send a message to 



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