Four NEW Work Health and Safety Qualifications - Is Your RTO READY? - Compliant Learning Resources

Four NEW Work Health and Safety Qualifications – Is Your RTO READY?

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AISC Releases 4 Work Health and Safety Qualifications and Creates 7 New Units of Competency

The Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) in an earlier communique announced the outcome of its recent meeting held on June 5, 2019. Information released includes details on some of the training packages which are currently being reviewed and those that have received approval for Case for Endorsement for implementation.

First on the list of AISC approved Case for Endorsement for implementation is the BSB Business Services Training Package (Release 5.0) – Work Health and Safety. The AISC announced that it has approved the Case for Endorsement for BSB Work Health and Safety which include updates to 4 qualifications, 26 units to be updated, 3 units to be deleted, and 7 units to be created.

The 4 Work Health and Safety Qualifications under the BSB Business Services Training Package that underwent review and subsequently updated are:

Included in the changes for BSB Business Services Training Package is the creation of 7 new units of competency, these are:

  • BSBWHS331 Participate in identifying and controlling hazardous chemicals
  • BSBWHS431 Develop processes and procedures for controlling hazardous chemicals in the workplace
  • BSBWHS512 Contribute to managing work-related psychological health and safety
  • BSBWHS514 Manage WHS compliance of contractors
  • BSBWHS531 Implement and evaluate system of work for managing hazardous chemicals
  • BSBWHS611 Develop and implement strategies that support work-related psychological health and safety
  • BSBWHS612 Develop and implement a strategy to support a positive WHS culture.

After the AISC’s approval for the Case for Endorsement for implementation, the 4 New Work Health and Safety qualifications can now be seen on the website.

What Does My RTO Need To Do Next?

RTOs will see their scope automatically update with the new qualifications, however will have a very huge task ahead to redevelop all course resources as the changes to units and packaging is substantial. Compliant Learning Resources has undertaken a total rewrite of our course resources to address these new requirements. To give an idea of the work involved, we have allocated 3 instructional designers for three months full time to this process. This doesn’t include validation and publishing time. The great news is we are due to finish the Cert IV WHS by the end of October.

Need Training and Assessment Tools For These Qualifications?

Being first to market has massive advantages in making the most of this qualification changes and all the new enrolments that come with any change. The great news is that Compliant Learning Resources is well underway with our development of these qualifications and are due to have the Certificate IV in WHS ready by the end of October 2019 with the others to follow. To review a sample of these up and coming qualification resources, you can simply click on one of the qualifications listed below and fill out the form. We are taking pre-orders at a discounted price right now, so it is worth getting in early and being first to market with these new qualifications, as well as getting a special pre-order price.

Changes like this can be a lot of work for RTOs to update and change and implement, however, we also see them as an awesome opportunity for those who get ahead of the game and have the new course released as soon as possible. Why not contact us today to get your quality Training Materials and get ahead of the game!



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