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Foundation Skills (FSK) Training Package Update: What You Should Know

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AISC Major Changes To Foundations Skills Training Package

Big news for RTOs currently delivering or planning to deliver the highly popular Foundations Skills qualifications! The Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) has approved the Case for Endorsement for the FSK training packages with the changes expected to be reflected on the training.gov.au website this October 2019.

The Foundation Skills training package encompasses three qualifications which are aimed at providing learners with the skills and knowledge to enter the workforce or access further training by providing language, literacy, and numeracy skills. The changes to the Foundations Skills training package is in response to feedback and key findings during the course of several consultations.

The three qualifications contained in the FSK training package are:

  • Certificate I in Access to Vocational Pathways
  • Certificate I in Skills for Vocational Pathways
  • Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways

In addition to the changes to the three Foundations Skills qualifications, 6 units of competency were created, these are:

  • FSKLRG016 Use Short and Simple Strategies to Organise Highly Familiar Workplace Tasks
  • FSKLRG017 Identify Simple Strategies to Respond to Familiar Workplace Problems
  • FSKLRG018 Develop a Plan to Organise Routine Workplace Tasks
  • FSKNUM040 Identify and Interpret Common Chance Events for Work
  • FSKNUM041 Use Chance and Probability Calculations for Work
  • FSKOCM012 Use Oral Communication Skills to Participate in Workplace Negotiations

How does this affect your RTO?

The changes to the Foundations Skills training package are quite extensive. The new FSK training package (Version 2.0) has now superseded the old FSK training package. It is just not possible to continue using your old FSK training resources. Even though the old training resources is equivalent to the news FSK training materials, this is only for the purpose of Recognition of Prior Competence.

For RTOs currently delivering these Foundation Skills training materials or those planning to add this to their scope of registration, having RTO training resources that fully assess the new unit requirements is a must. This is because even if training requirements appear similar in the new version, you should expect changes to elements, performance criteria, and evidence conditions must be addressed in your assessment tools.

The changes to the Foundations Skills training package (Version 2.0) are:

  • 3 qualifications revised and updated
  • 88 units of competency revised and updated
  • 3 units of competency superseded into other FSK units of competency
  • 6 new units of competency created

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The changes to the Foundations Skills training package (Version 2.0) is scheduled to be reflected on the training.gov.au in October. Give your RTO the opportunity to stay ahead of the game and get access to the NEW FSK training materials here at Compliant Learning Resources.

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