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ASQA’s Latest Updates This March 2023: Important Announcements and Reminders for RTOs

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The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) has released several announcements last 7 March 2023 regarding several updates that involve Registered Training Organisations (RTOs).

ASQA’s latest update includes:

  • Annual Declaration of Compliance (ADC)
  • Amendments to course accreditation forms
  • Updating RTO details
  • Requesting a transition extension
  • Final Report on Strategic Review of Online Learning in the VET Sector

Annual Declaration on Compliance (ADC)

One of ASQA’s latest updates is that the Annual Declaration on Compliance (ADC) will begin on 17 April 2023 until 17 May 2023. ASQA encourages RTOs to ensure that their records are updated on ASQANET prior to filing their declarations to avoid any complications.

It’s important to note that RTOs managed by Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) will have a separate submission process this year, so they won’t need to submit their declaration to ASQA. For more information about the submission, you may contact QCAA here.

Who submits the compliance declaration and how?

The RTO’s CEO handles completing the declaration via email. To lessen the rate of non-submission, ASQA will also be sending reminders via email and their website.

The RTO CEO must review Clause 7.5 of the Standards and the Data Provision Requirements for the regulatory requirements to keep their records updated.

You can also follow these steps as seen on ASQA’s website to complete your declaration form:

  • Complete your form. Make sure to review and save your information before submitting.
  • You may print, save to PDF, or email a copy of your answers after submitting your form to ensure that you have your own copy

Important reminders before submission:

Here are important reminders you shouldn’t forget prior or during submission:

  • You can’t access, edit, or copy your declaration form once you are done submitting it
  • Your declaration can only be submitted once so make sure to review it before clicking submit
  • Late submissions will not be accepted
  • Check your email for a confirmation message to ensure your declaration has been sent

Amendments to Course Accreditation Forms

ASQA has updated its course accreditation forms to include the Job and Skill Councils’ (JSCs) contact details as well as their industry coverage.

The updated course accreditation forms can be accessed via ASQA’s website. RTOs can also reach out to them via email at accreditation@asqa.gov.au.

Updating RTO Details

Another part of ASQA’s latest updates is the reminder to RTOs that they are required to notify the organisation about changes in their business details and scope of registration. This information will be reflected on the National Register, MySkills, and the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students, so it’s important to provide ASQA with the necessary information they ask for.

To know more about the changes in RTO details, you may click on this link.

Requesting Transition Extension

RTOs can submit requests for transition extensions if they think they can’t deliver the latest qualification before the transition deadline, according to ASQA’s latest update.

The transition period gives RTOs enough time to develop and validate new resources, apply to deliver the new training product, complete students’ training delivery for the superseded unit/qualification, and transfer any ongoing students.

It’s important to note that RTOs can only request a transition extension for one qualification at a time; but they may still email their transition request of more than one qualification to transitionrequest@asqa.gov.au provided that the qualification is from the same training package and that they attach supporting evidence in the email.

Published the Strategic Review of Online Learning in the VET Sector

ASQA has released its final report for the Strategic Review of Online Learning in the VET sector where it discovered that in delivering high-quality training online, RTOs must consider several factors including training product requirements, students, trainers’ and assessors’ skills, the tools and technologies, and the processes of delivering online.

Additionally, they stated that there is no single indicator of the training products’ quality when trying to measure them by these factors.

For more questions and comments regarding the recently published strategic review, you may contact the Regulatory Policy and Engagement team at regulatorypolicy@asqa.gov.au.


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