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These ASQA May Updates Are Something Your RTO Shouldn’t Miss

ASQA May Updates

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Submit Your Annual Declaration on Compliance (ADC) Before 17 May 2023

For the first ASQA May update, RTOs must submit their Annual Declaration on Compliance (ADC) on or before 17 May 2023 as part of the requirements under the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015.

While RTOs must send the ADC, some are exempted under the following conditions:

You are a New RTO

If your RTO is registered from 1 January 2023 onwards, you don’t need to submit the ADC this year. You can check your initial registration date on training.gov.au for more information.

Your RTO is managed by Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA)

You won’t need to submit your ADC to ASQA if your RTO registration is managed by QCAA. You can contact QCAA at vet@qcaa.qld.edu.au for more information on their own submission process this year.

Make sure that your RTO is in compliance with the Standards in order to seamlessly complete the declaration. Additionally, more than one person in your organisation can submit the declaration; but the final declaration should be completed by the CEO, the person legally responsible for the registration of the RTO.

For more information, you may visit the Annual Declaration on Compliance page under ASQA’s website. You may also email enquiries@asqa.gov if you have further questions regarding the Annual Declaration on Compliance.

Send Your Feedbacks in the 2023 ASQA Provider and Course Owner Survey

For the second ASQA May update, the Provider and Course Owner Survey is conducted annually to seek feedback from stakeholders which can help with the assessment on the effectiveness of ASQA’s regulatory approach during the 2022-2023 financial year.

Additionally, the survey measures ASQA’s performance against the 2022-23 Corporate Plan’s performance indicators, which can help with continuous improvement in the industry.

For more information regarding the survey, you may access ASQA’s FAQ’s – Provider and Course Owner Survey 2023

Student surveys

Current and former VET students are also encouraged to give feedback through interviews and surveys as part of its performance assessment (audit) approach.

To find out more about the performance assessment approach, you can access the Performance Assessment page here.

Update your Scope of Registration: The RTO Annual Registration Charge is Coming This July

Attention all RTOs! For the last ASSQA May update, it’s time to ensure that your registration is up to date since the Annual Registration Charge (ARC) will be invoiced in July.

The ARC is based on the number of qualifications and courses on your scope, as well as the number of unique students enrolled in the previous calendar year. Even superseded non-equivalent and deleted training products will be included in RTOs’ ARC calculation if they remain on their scope.

Don’t want to be charged more than you expect? Then, it’s essential to review your scope now and remove any unnecessary training products.

For more information, visit ASQA’s website about the Annual Registration Charge.

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