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ASQA Regulatory Risk Priorities: Ensuring Ethical Practices in Delivery to International Students

asqa regulatory risk priorities delivery to international students

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The delivery of Australian VET qualifications to international students is one of the key governments and ASQA regulatory risk priorities. Training providers must follow the legislative obligations under the ESOS Act and National Code.

This includes refraining from engaging in misleading or deceptive conduct, providing false or misleading information, and making guarantees about migration outcomes in their marketing activities. It is crucial for providers to ensure that their course promotion aligns with Australian Consumer Law and is not misleading.

Meeting ASQA’s Regulatory Risk Priorities Through Active Engagement and Compliance Support

ASQA actively collaborates with other government entities to support compliance activities and surveillance. Whenever concerns arise about provider practices, ASQA takes the right actions to address them.

ASQA has also reiterated their expectations and the measure they are implementing to all CRICOS providers, since transparency and accountability are important in delivering training to international students.

Reporting Concerns and Seeking Support

ASQA’s regulatory risk priorities encourages individuals with information or concerns about provider compliance to utilise their online complaints portal, ASQAConnect. By reporting any issues, you contribute to keeping the integrity and quality of education delivered to international students.

ASQA monitors ESOS registered providers to ensure their adherence to the ESOS Act and responds proportionately when non-compliance is found. Our regulatory response includes various monitoring, enforcement, compliance, and education tools, all aimed at safeguarding the interests of international students.

You can refer to ASQA’s Approach to Compliance for further details on their commitment to maintaining a high standard of education for international students.

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