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ASQA Renews Focus on Trainer and Assessor Capability in its Regulatory Strategy 2019-2021

Trainer and Assessor Capability Remains High on ASQA’s Top Priorities

The quality of training and assessment in RTOs continues to be a major concern for stakeholders and the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). The agency has now made quality of training a focus of their 2016-17, 2017- 18, and 2018 -20 regulatory strategies.

The introduction of the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment or Train the Trainer qualification was intended to improve the overall quality of Vocational Education and Training (VET) by ensuring that all trainers and assessors are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to train, assess, and educate. This has certainly led to many improvements in how TAE training packages are currently being delivered. However, ASQA’s continued focus on this area for the next two years indicates that more improvement is still needed in this area.

ASQA’s 2018-20 Regulatory Strategy found areas of concern for third-party providers delivering qualifications under the Training and Assessment (TAE) training package. In line with this, ASQA:

  • Continues scrutiny of providers who apply to deliver TAE training products – ASQA requires providers applying to deliver TAE training to submit additional evidence with their application.
  • Continues monitoring of, and regulatory activity focused on, providers delivering TAE training products – to ensure providers deliver an adequate amount of training, have appropriate training and assessment strategies in place, have appropriate and compliant assessment tools and strategies, and demonstrate how validation has contributed to training and assessment.
  • Will provide further communication and education for providers to promote quality assessment practice at annual provider information sessions. These sessions include information about ASQA’s scrutiny of TAE applications and providers’ responsibilities to meet the Standards for RTOs, including when entering into third-party agreements.

ASQA has outlined its plan of action for the all-important Trainer and Assessor qualification. The agency’s action includes encouraging compliance in the delivery of the TAE training package and continued guidance to providers.

  1. ASQA will continue to implement strict monitoring of providers who are planning to offer and are currently delivering training products from the TAE training package. ASQA says this will help ensure that TAE providers:
  • provide an adequate amount of training
  • develop appropriate and compliant training and assessment strategies
  • develop appropriate and compliant assessment tools and materials
  • demonstrate how validation has contributed to training and assessment.

ASQA also plans to employ several indicators that will help identify high-risk providers and provide better focus on monitoring and any associated regulatory activity.

  1. Effectively communicate and supply information to providers regarding quality training and assessment practice. The agency will continue activities that will help providers, and trainers and assessors understand expectations regarding compliance. ASQA will also develop guidance on permissible third-party arrangements and will review available fact sheets.
  2. Undertake further investigation of VET workforce challenges and identify actions and responsible organisations to drive improvement in trainer and assessor capability. ASQA will undertake this investigation in collaboration with the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business.

ASQA’s Regulatory Strategy 2019-2021 outlines the agency’s policies and priorities for the next two years. This should provide valuable information, especially for RTOs planning to apply TAE into their scope of registration or those who are currently delivering TAE training products.

Compliant Learning Resources offers robust, comprehensive TAE40116 training resources and TAE50116/TAE50216 training resources that have been successfully used for addition to scope by many RTOs and are still being used to deliver training and assessment by many training providers. Contact us for more information about our TAE training materials today!

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