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What You Need to Know About the New Australian Industry Standards, Industry Skills Australia

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17 April 2023: Industry Skills Australia Launches Its New Website

The new Australia Industry Standards (AIS) called Industry Skills Australia (ISA), has launched a new and improved website that reflects the ISA brand and values as a Jobs and Skills Council (JSC).

Overall, the website revamp includes the following:

  • New design
    • New brand identity embodying ISA’s “people first” approach
    • New logo, colour scheme, and visual elements that better reflects ISA’s personality
  • Updated content
  • Enhanced functionality

The website features several pages such as the Who We Are page, which explains ISA’s roles, focus, etc.; Industries page, which lists the industries it works with; Engagement Hub, which is the central platform where ISA communicates with its stakeholders; Projects page, shows the projects it is currently undertaking; and the News & Events page, which shows ISA’s latest developments and insights.

Industry Skills Australia’s new website also offers a subscription to its newsletter so stakeholders can stay up to date without the need for visiting the site.

Learn more about ISA’s new website by clicking here.

25 January 2023: What You Need to Know About the New Australian Industry Standards: The Industry Skills Australia

Australian Industry Standards (AIS) has unveiled a new brand identity. The organisation, now known as Industry Skills Australia (ISA), is preparing for significant changes to the national training system and is establishing one of the new Jobs and Skills Councils. This council will collaborate closely with the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR), Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA), industry, and key stakeholders to address the nation’s many workforce planning and skills development challenges.

Australian Industry Standards (AIS) Rebrands To Industry Skills Australia (ISA)

One of the main focuses of ISA is to lead and drive workforce development planning and skills development for the Transport and Logistics (Road, Rail, Aviation and Maritime), Omnichannel Logistics and Space Transport industries.

“Whether it’s devastating floods, bushfires, the global pandemic or unexpected trade restrictions, it’s the resilience and strength of our nation’s supply chains that dictate how we fare as a society and how quickly our economy rebounds and grows.

Led by industry, our model brings together leaders from right across Australia’s core supply chain sectors with the strategic goal of building a world class, resilient and agile supply chain workforce” said Laurie D’Apice, AIS Chair and Linfox President of Human Resources.

Responsibilities of Industry Skills Australia As A Jobs and Skills Council

As a Jobs and Skills Council, here are some of ISA’s broad range of responsibilities:

  • Assessing and forecasting the current and future skills needs of the industry, and creating national workforce development plans
  • Improving the quality, innovation, and speed to market of training products
  • Developing and implementing solutions, promoting career pathways, and monitoring the effectiveness of training delivery
  • Industry stewardship to give the industry a robust and evidentiary-based voice on issues affecting their industries and to provide advice on VET system policies to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Date of Transition To Industry Skills Australia

The Jobs and Skills Councils will be established from January 2023 and will be in place for all major sectors of the economy.

This is an exciting time for the Australian workforce as we work together to build a world-class, resilient, and agile workforce.

Check this link to find out more about Industry Skills Australia.

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