Critical CHC33015 Update: The HLTINF001 Elective Requirement

This article was updated on 23rd November 2020 to include additional information from the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

What Should I Know About the New CHC33015 Update?

The CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support Release 4.0 already took effect on 8 September 2020. RTOs are to cease delivering the CHC33015 Release 3.0 as of 9th September 2020 and they are required to move immediately to the new Release 4.0 packaging for all new enrolments as of 9th September 2020.

Under this new update, the packaging rules for the Ageing and Disability Specialisations have been changed – they now include the HLTINF001 as a mandatory elective. Meaning, students of the CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support – Disability and Ageing streams are now required to study the HLTINF001 Comply with infection prevention and control policies and procedures unit.

For all RTOs offering the CHC33015 or plan to add to scope the qualification, this means that they should acquire the RTO training resources that they need so they would be able to offer the qualification to students who want to specialise in Ageing and Disability.

CHC33015 Release 4.0 Packaging Rule

The total number of units in the CHC33015 qualification remains unchanged at 13 (7 core and 6 electives), and the only notable change in packaging is the addition of the HLTINF001 as a mandatory elective in the Group A and Group B electives.

To help you visualise the required Cert III in Individual Support – Disability and Ageing electives, please check out the tables below. The new mandatory elective unit for the 2 streams (as of Release 4.0) is in blue.

Group A electives – Ageing Specialisation (4 units)
CHCAGE001Facilitate the empowerment of older people
CHCAGE005Provide support to people living with dementia
CHCCCS011Meet personal support needs
HLTINF001Comply with infection prevention and control policies and procedures


Group B electives – Disability Specialisation (5 units)
CHCDIS001Contribute to ongoing skills development using a strengths-based approach
CHCDIS002Follow established person-centred behaviour supports
CHCDIS003Support community participation and social inclusion
CHCDIS007Facilitate the empowerment of people with disability
HLTINF001Comply with infection prevention and control policies and procedures


You can check the CHC33015 page on the TGA website for a complete list of core and electives units:

What Should My RTO Do?

Your RTO should get on top of the changes and act immediately because students will have to enrol in the HLTINF001If you don’t have the HLTINF001 yet, your RTO should develop or acquire HLTINF001 RTO training resources ASAP. Purchasing the NEW CHC33015 RTO resources is also a viable option (and more beneficial in many cases). 

If you want to save time and development costs, then consider these 2 options:

  • Acquire the HLTINF001 RTO materials from a reputable publisher, contextualise the resources, and make any necessary edits to your other CHC33015 training resources.
  • Acquire the newly-repackaged CHC33015 RTO resources training package to save you money, time, and the trouble of having to redevelop your RTO materials!

Getting the RTO resources ASAP from a top publisher may help your RTO market and deliver training for the unit sooner than your other competitors!

Where Can I Get HLTINF001 and CHC33015 RTO Learning Materials? 

Want to acquire quality RTO materials with key compliance and training features? Check out the pages below now to order. 

Our CHC33015 and HLTINF001 training and assessment resources packages come complete with Learner Guides, Student Assessment Workbooks, Assessor Guides, and Mapping Documentation. Enquire now at for more information, samples of our resources, or a personal walkthrough of the HLTINF001 RTO materials.   

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