Jumpstart your RTO with these Popular Automotive Training Resources

With continuous developments in automotive technology, the need for consistent training has become a necessity for people currently employed or those planning to start a career in this industry. The automotive training resources contained in the various automotive retail, service and repair qualifications aims to address this growing need for certified professionals. RTOs searching for the list of automotive training qualifications can easily access this information at training.gov.au. The qualifications are designed to give people seeking for career opportunities in the automotive sector the skills and training required to be gainfully employed as auto mechanics, electricians, body repair specialists, and various maintenance roles.

Automotive Training Resources and Career Opportunities

AUR30316 Certificate III in Automotive Electrical Technology

VET qualifications in automotive electrical technology provides your RTO with the automotive training resources to equip your students with proper training in diagnosing, repairing, and maintaining automotive electrical systems. These courses give students the necessary skills to work on electrical components located in the different car components such the engine, transmission, and brakes.

The Certificate III in Automotive Electrical Technology gives people the skills and knowledge to service, diagnose, and repair electrical systems and components. Students who successfully complete this course are qualified to work as:

  • automotive electrician
  • automotive electrical diagnostic technician
  • automotive electrical technician

The average course fees as reported by 5 training providers to My Skills is $14,000. Students are expected to undergo 3 years of training as submitted by 8 training providers.

AUR30616 Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical

The Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical qualification provides the skills and knowledge for people to maintain, diagnose, and repair the mechanical systems in several types of vehicles including motorcycles, trucks, and cars. This is an entry-level position that gives people the opportunity to work in the automotive repair and service industry.

The automotive training resources contained in the course equips people with little experience knowledge in performing mechanical repair related tasks in the automotive sector. Students who successfully complete the training program can be gainfully employed as a light vehicle mechanical technician. The qualification offers an apprenticeship pathway that offers the skills and training for servicing and repairing various mechanical parts in vehicles including the engine, transmission, brakes, wheels and suspension system.

The automotive training resources can also be contextualised to reflect the skills needed in highly specialized light vehicles such as trucks, transport vehicles, agricultural vehicles, and motorcycles. Employment opportunities include:

  • Automotive Diesel Fuel Technician
  • Diesel Engine Technician
  • Forklift Technician
  • Commercial Vehicle Technician
  • Light Vehicle Mechanical Technician
  • Motorcycle Repair Technician

The average course fees as reported by 8 training providers to My Skills is $14,000. Students are expected to undergo 3 years of training as submitted by 12 training providers.

AUR31016 Certificate III in Automotive Sales

The Certificate III in Automotive Sales offers people an apprenticeship path to sales-related tasks in the service and repair industry. The automotive training resources provides students with the skills and knowledge in sales, stock control and administration in an automotive retail and wholesale environment. This qualification provides the necessary training for people with little or no previous sales experience a pathway to be employed as sales personnel in the automotive industry. Job opportunities include:

  • Automotive retail sales
  • Automotive repair sales
  • Parts interpreter
  • Vehicle sales
  • Motorcycle sales

All Automotive Training Resources developed by Compliant Learning Resources have been internally and externally validated by subject matter experts to ensure compliance, updated to include the best industry practices, and designed to provide students with the best learning outcomes.

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