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Latest CSC Training Package Updates in Australia

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Extended Transition Period CSC Training Package Qualifications

11 May 2023 CSC Training Updates: Extended Transition Period for CSC Qualifications

For the CSC training updates this May 2023, the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) has approved an extended transition period for CSC Correctional Services (CSC) training package qualifications. This training update was made after considering the genuine disadvantage that a cohort of learners may experience without the extension.

The following qualifications are covered under the extended transition period:

  • CSC30120 Certificate III in Correctional Practice
  • CSC40121 Certificate IV in Correctional Practice
  • CSC50115 Diploma of Correctional Administration

All providers with scope for delivery are covered under this extended transition period. The extended training, assessment, and certification issuance period for these qualifications will end on 4 December 2023.

The Correctional Services Industry Reference Committee supported the decision to extend the transition end date for these qualifications and cohorts.

ASQA consulted with the VRQA and TAC WA for this extended transition request. These qualifications will remain on the provider’s scope of registration until the end of the extended transition period.

What Do Updates Of Training Packages in Australia Mean for Your RTO?

If you’re delivering the CSC training package qualifications, you have until 4 December 2024 to transition students to the new qualifications based on the CSC training updates. During this period, your RTO can continue to deliver, assess, and issue certifications for the superseded qualifications.

You must ensure that your RTO has a transition plan in place, which includes informing current and future students about the extended transition period and their options. Your RTO can also support students who may require additional training and assessment to meet the requirements of the new qualifications.

It’s recommended that RTOs communicate regularly with their students about the changes and provide them with opportunities to ask questions and seek clarification. Keep up to date with any updates and changes to the qualifications and adjust your training and assessment strategies accordingly.

In conclusion, the extended transition period for the CSC training package qualifications provides RTOs with more time to transition their students to the new qualifications. RTOs must ensure that they have a transition plan in place and provide support to their students during this period.

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