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Download ASQA’s 2023 RTO and ESOS Obligations Checklists For Hassle-Free Requirement Submission

RTO and ESOS Obligations Checklist

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The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) has just released the ASQA 2023 RTO obligation checklist and the ESOS obligations checklist which can help Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) manage their obligations seamlessly.

Released last 23 February 2023, the two checklists are downloadable and printable and have important dates that RTOs should keep track of to remain compliant.

What are in the RTO and ESOS Obligations Checklists?

The RTO obligations checklist is designed for RTOs to easily stay up to date with important events and submission deadlines such as the Annual Declaration on Compliance submission.

The ESOS obligations checklist 2023 helps overseas training providers with keeping track of requirements. It also contains important and concise information about each task list so education providers can easily know what to do for each requirement.

You can check the obligations checklists below to download and/or print them:

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