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Government-funded Students and Courses: NCVER VET Government Funding Report

NCVER Vet Government Funding Report

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The National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) has released a publication titled Government-funded Students and Courses – January to September 2022.

Published last 2 March 2023, the report summarises data about the VET government funding for students, programs, subjects and training providers in the country. Additionally, the data in the report included information on enrolments, student demographics, and types of courses taken.

VET Government Funding: A Summarised Report

NCVER’s report highlights that government-funded VET courses continue to be popular, with more than 1.3 million students enrolled in 2022 so far. Most of these students are undertaking either certificate III or IV level courses, with a slight increase in the proportion of students studying at higher levels compared to previous years. The data also shows that VET government funding is most used to support training in areas such as business, management, and hospitality.

Findings On The Demographics of VET Students

In terms of student demographics, the report shows that many government-funded VET students are aged between 25 and 44, with women making up 55% of all enrolments. Indigenous students and those from rural and remote areas are still underrepresented, with efforts being made to address this through targeted funding and support.

Findings On The Post-Course Employment of VET Students

The report also shows that government-funded VET courses have a positive impact on employment outcomes for students. A high proportion of students completing VET courses go on to secure employment, with many reporting an increase in their earnings as a result.

How VET Government Funding Can Support Education and Employment Outcomes

Overall, the report shows that VET government funding continues to play an important role in supporting education and employment outcomes for Australians. With ongoing efforts to address gaps in participation and support for underrepresented groups, VET courses look set to continue to be a key pathway to skills development and career advancement.

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