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What are the High Growth Course Areas for VET in 2019 and Beyond?

Top 10 Growth Occupations For VET 2018-2023 Graph

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Great question right? The good news is that demand for VET skills in a number of occupations is looking really strong over the next 5 years. Ensuring your RTO is positioned to deliver training in these areas will help secure your sustainability and relevance in 2019 and beyond.

The Department of Jobs and Small Business has released its Employment Projections Report. This report highlights some key industry areas where RTOs need to be delivering skills to ensure that we meet the employment and skill demand growth, leading up to 2023.  In this article, I have summarised the key growth areas for the Vocational Education and Training sector to assist RTOs with strategic scope addition decisions in 2019.

Let’s start by looking at the Top 10 Job Growth Occupations in the next 4 years.

Top 10 Job Growth Occupations for VET in 2019 and Beyond

After examining the Data there are some clear standouts. I have summarised the top 10 growth occupations relevant to Vocational Education and Training in the graph to the right. This data only includes skill levels from Certificate One level to Advanced Diploma, as the data gets muddled with tertiary qualifications beyond this level.

Number 1 on our Top 10, Aged and Disability Carers is the clear standout growth occupation in the next four years, with an incredible 39.3% growth in jobs required to 2023. That’s a massive growth of 69 171 new jobs projected in just this one industry. This growth is fueled by both an ageing population and the expansion of the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme).

Child Carers (number 2 on our Top 10) were the next stand out with 27 576 jobs expected to be created from 2018 to 2023. At 17.6% employment growth, Child Carer job increases are well above the 7.1% national average growth projections. So too are Waiters and Education Aids with Waiters at 21 791 (15.8%) and Education Aids at 18 800 (20.8%) in jobs growth to 2023.

Automobile Drivers, Beauty Therapists, Sports Coaches, Instructors and Officials, Chefs, ICT Support Technicians and Financial Brokers take positions 6 – 10 respectively, expected to add up to 15,000+ jobs over the next few years. All above 15% growth and all well over double the national growth average of 7.1 %.

With such a huge volume of new jobs in these occupation areas, Australia needs quality training providers to meet the increased demand for skills in these areas.

Compliant Learning Resources has one of Australia’s largest training resources catalogue of quality training materials to ensure your RTO can quickly and competently add these new courses to scope. Contact us today for samples of training materials in these high demand occupational areas.

What are the Top 10 Growth Occupations by Skill Level?

The table below shows you the same top 10 Occupations and also includes the Skill level, so you can get an idea of the qualifications that are in demand in the occupations. As you can see Cert II and III qualifications are in the top four highest growth occupations. So food for thought if you are wondering what to put on your scope of registration in 2019 and beyond.

Employment Growth Hot Spots – 2018 – 2023

Wondering where you should be delivering training in the years to come? Wanting to know the employment growth regions in Australia? The chart below sourced from The Department of Jobs and Small Business shows that Employment will increase in every area in Australia, however, there are some clear standout performers.

With the projected strong growth of service industries greater in the major capital city areas, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne are set to well exceed the national average growth of 7.1%. Strong performing regional areas include New South Wales (up by 5.9 per cent or 74,600), Victoria (5.6 per cent 39,400) and Queensland (up by 6.6 per cent or 81,000). By far the best performing regional centres in Australia are Gold Coast (up by 36,100 or 10.9 per cent) and Sunshine Coast (16,000 or 9.2 per cent).


After analysing the data, it seems pretty clear that there are some exceptional employment growth occupations and regions. This information should really help your RTO focus on developing those areas of training where demand will be high in the years to come. My recommendation would be to do more research by looking at all the data provided in these really useful government employment growth projection reports. You may find other growth occupations and regions of high growth, more suited to your current delivery and scope.

There is a lot more helpful data there to do some granular research and work out the best growth areas for your RTO. Remember, if you need quality training resources, Compliant Learning Resources has one of the largest ranges of training resources in Australia. Chances are we have the training resources your RTO needs to get started in delivering training in these high demand areas once your scope application is approved.

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