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Get an amazing BSB50215 Diploma of Business RTO training resource from one of Australia’s leading resource developers!

This learning and assessment style is suitable for face to face delivery or distance learning. Each unit in this BSB50215 training resources package will typically include:

  • Student Assessment Workbook – assessments for your students to complete
  • Student Guide – learner instructions and relevant web links for each unit
  • Assessor Guide – benchmark answers and instructions for your trainers and assessors
  • Mapping Tools – showing you where unit requirements are met in the tools
  • Training Presentation PowerPoint – to support your classroom or webinar course delivery
  • Select Reading Materials, Sample Documents, Videos, E-Books and More – study resources for your students to assist them to complete the course
  • Learning Activities – formative learning tasks to help your students develop skills and knowledge

This comprehensive package of BSB50215 RTO training and assessment resources includes a huge volume of materials so you can set up and deliver an outstanding BSB50215 course at your RTO.

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BSB50215 Diploma of Business RTO Training Resources and Assessment Tools

Get a complete BSB50215 Diploma of Business RTO training resources package so your RTO can deliver and assess this sought-after vocational education and training (VET) qualification!

These BSB50215 Diploma of Business RTO materials and training resources have been designed so you can deliver quality training outcomes to your students, and produce graduates equipped to work in Business in a variety of professional roles.

This learning and assessment style is suitable for face to face delivery or distance learning. Training resources from The Marketing Division Australia include (per unit):

  • Student Assessment & Guide – The introduction guide includes clear learner instructions and relevant web links for each unit. The assessment includes all instructions and content for your students to study and comprises of four sections; learner evaluation, case study, project task and observation checklist for instructors or third-party assessment.
  • Assessor Guide & Mapping Tools – Trainer version of the assessment with benchmarks and additional instructions and tools for assessors. Detailed mapping tools against the unit requirements covering each element, performance criteria and assessment requirements. Unit descriptor and assessment requirements document are included in each folder for convenience.
  • Training Presentation – Detailed PowerPoint learning, suitable for classroom delivery or students to learn at their own pace.
  • Reading – Selected reading materials specifically to suit each unit/topic. This may also include sample documents.
  • Videos – Selected video resource materials specifically to suit each unit/topic.
  • Learning Activities – Set of extension learning activities suitable for classroom or individual research and practice
  • E-Books – Selected eBook resources and/or templates for the allocated unit/topic.
  • OPTIONAL – Customised or Recommended Online Text Book, which may be purchased by Students additionally. This is an optional resource only and not a requirement based on other resources included.

For more information about the BSB50215 Diploma of Business qualification, including currency, vocational outcomes, elements, performance criteria, units requirements, course packaging and more, check the page here – BSB50215 Diploma of Business.

NB: We do NOT provide any training services. We supply RTO training materials and assessment tools for purchase and use by Australian Registered Training Organisations and other training providers.

Comprehensive BSB50215 Assessment Tools Package

Your BSB50215 RTO resources package includes training and assessment materials for enough units to form a qualification package according to the packaging rules for this course. You can also add on extra units of competency to your package if you are planning to offer additional elective choices to your students, or need to customise the course outcomes to specific industry or student needs.

The BSB50215 RTO materials include assessments with all instructions and content for your students to study and comprises of four sections; learner evaluation, case study, project task and observation checklist for instructors or third-party assessment.

Your core RTO assessment materials package documents (Student Assessments & Guides, Assessor Guides & Mapping Tools and Training Presentations) will be delivered in editable digital format, so you can easily contextualise tasks, upload to your Learning Management System or otherwise distribute to your students digitally, or print hard copies of the RTO materials for use in the classroom.

The assessments are written to a general business context and it is assumed you will complete additional contextualisation of the assessment materials to suit the qualification and your intended delivery method for this course.

Includes BSB50215 Student Learning Resources!

This BSB50215 RTO training resources package includes a wide range of learning resources – packed full of information and educational content for your students. These will be the “textbook” or study resource for your students while they complete this qualification.

These resources may include:

  • Readings & Sample Documents
  • Videos
  • E-Books

You are free to print the BSB50215 RTO training resources yourself if you need them for classroom-based training.

Some units may also include suggestions for additional Customised or Recommended On-line Textbooks learning resources. These are available for your students to purchase themselves if they would like to undertake additional learning in that area. Please note that these supplemental learning resources are not required for completion of the units or course. Sufficient learning materials have been supplied for students to complete the BSB50215 course.

Learning resources are important for your RTO to demonstrate how volume of learning requirements are met for the BSB50215 course using this RTO training materials package. These may also assist you to show that students are supported with adequate learning content to complete the course.

Supplied With BSB50215 Learning Activities

The BSB50215 learning activities supplied in this package can be used to conduct formative learning activities in the classroom, or for students to complete at home on their own.

These formative assessments are an important tool for your students to cement learning and knowledge, and to assist your trainers to gauge student progression and readiness to take on the summative assessment tasks!

These learning activities can also assist your RTO to demonstrate how you are meeting volume of learning requirements for the course.

Supported by BSB50215 PowerPoints

This training resource package includes a PowerPoint presentation for each unit of competency. These slides contain key learning outcomes for the units to support your classroom or webinar-based delivery of the Diploma of Business RTO training resources.

These are supplied in an editable format so you are free to add content, modify the structure to suit your delivery, and otherwise contextualise the RTO materials for your RTO’s version of the BSB50215 course.

Unlimited Student License!

With an unlimited use license, it doesn’t matter how many students you train. Recoup your investments with just a handful of course fees and then reap the benefits of delivering a premium training and assessment resource.

The Marketing Division Australia’s BSB50215 RTO resource is a self-contained, one-off license RTO materials package, meaning it comes with assessment tools AND learner guides. No additional textbooks or per-student fees required.

Unit by Unit Format

The BSB50215 Diploma of Business package is modular, with each unit supplied as a standalone set of workbooks and learner resources. This allows you to easily change elective units in your BSB50215 RTO materials package, or reuse the RTO training resources in other qualifications or skillsets you deliver.

See the units section for more information on the electives available to design your BSB50215 course materials – we are able to add extra elective units into your package so you can deliver different versions of the BSB50215 course according to the needs of your students and industry.

Please contact us for a customised quote on your BSB50215 training resources including extra elective units!

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BSB50215 Samples

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BSB50215 Diploma of Business RTO Resources Package Units

As part of this Diploma of Business Learning and Assessment Resource package, you will receive learner guides, assessor guides and assessor workbooks to deliver sufficient units to meet the minimum packaging rules. Units available for this package include:

BSB50215 Core Units:

BSB50215 Elective Units:

Please check the licensing and product support here for terms and conditions of sale of resources from The Marketing Division Australia.