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BSB60320 Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management RTO Materials

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BSB60320 Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management RTO Training and Assessment Resources

Order the BSB60320 Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management RTO resources from Compliant Learning Resources! This comprehensive bundle of BSB60320 training resources and materials is designed to support your training and assessment practices for this sought-after qualification.

Your new BSB60320 Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management resources bundle comes complete with the following:

  • Learner Resources – These valuable materials provide extensive information and learning content to prepare your students for assessment effectively.
  • Trainer Manual – The trainer manual includes answers to the learning activities featured in the BSB60320 learner guides, ensuring trainers have the necessary support and guidance.
  • Learning Activity Workbook – This workbook contains summative assessment tasks to evaluate student progress, including short answers, case studies, projects, and practical observations.
  • PowerPoint Presentations – Engaging presentations with essential learning information to enhance classroom and webinar deliveries.
  • Virtual Workplace Resources (wherever applicable) – Access to policies, procedures, templates, forms, and other resources to assist students in completing the course and developing practical workplace skills and knowledge.
  • Mapping Tool – A comprehensive document that maps unit requirements to assessment tasks, learner resources, and PowerPoint Presentations, providing a clear overview of the alignment between the curriculum and training.
  • Optional e-Learning Resources – Engaging e-Learning versions of the learner resources are available in an HTML5/SCORM-compliant format. These training resources seamlessly integrate into popular LMS platforms, enhancing the online learning experience.

Contact us today through the form for a personal walkthrough and free samples of our BSB60320 RTO resources and materials. We will demonstrate the training and compliance features integrated into our BSB60320 training resources.

Resource Details

BSB60320 Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management RTO Training and Assessment Resources

Secure comprehensive BSB60320 Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management training resources to help you achieve exceptional outcomes for your students while meeting compliance requirements. Our high-quality BSB60320 training materials equip your students with up-to-date knowledge and competitive skills in the industry.

The BSB60320 Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management RTO materials are meticulously developed. The development team ensures a rigorous validation and rectification process involving subject matter experts to guarantee current and industry-relevant content.

Unlike other generic offerings, our BSB60320 materials are specifically tailored to the BSB training package requirements, providing a fresh and comprehensive approach to training and assessment.

Your BSB60320 RTO Materials Package Features:

  • Unlimited Student Licence – Train as many students as possible without incurring per-student fees.
  • Editable BSB60320 RTO Training Resources – Modify and contextualise the BSB60320 resources to suit your specific requirements, including rebranding, content adjustments, and LMS conversion.
  • Printable Copies – Print unlimited copies of the materials for face-to-face delivery.
  • Free Updates – Benefit from ongoing quality and compliance improvements throughout the lifetime of the qualification without extra charges.
  • Competency Flexibility – Choose from a wide range of electives to design your own BSB60320 package.
  • Learner Resources – Access editable digital resources to support self-paced study and reduce trainer workload and support requests.
  • Comprehensive Assessment Benchmarks – Maintain a consistent standard for valid assessment judgments.
  • Extensive Mapping Documentation – Facilitate contextualisation, validation processes, and demonstrate compliance during audits.
  • Virtual Workplace Resources – Access a diverse range of workplace files to support student studies where applicable.

BSB60320 RTO Assessment Tools:

  • Learner Assessment Workbook and Assessor Assessment Document – Each unit includes editable Word format BSB60320 assessment tools for customisation to suit your RTO’s needs.
  • Mix of Assessment Methods – Written and practical tasks are incorporated to demonstrate unit requirements.
  • Unlimited Student Licence – Deliver training to any number of students without additional fees.
  • Printable or Uploadable – Print copies or seamlessly integrate the BSB60320 assessment tools into your LMS.

BSB60320 Learner Resources:

  • Abundant Information – Provide students with quality learning resources for self-paced study, reducing trainer workload and support requests.
  • Alignment with Assessment Content – Ensure clarity and support for learners in completing assessments.
  • Editable Word Format – Customise and contextualise the BSB60320 learner resources to align with your delivery strategy.
  • Unlimited Student Licence – Distribute BSB60320 learner guides to as many students as needed without incurring ongoing fees.
  • Printable or Uploadable – Utilise printed copies in classrooms or integrate guides into your LMS for online access.
  • Trainer Manual Version – Access answers to learning activities for efficient training delivery.

BSB60320 PowerPoints:

  • Unit-specific PowerPoint Presentations – Summarised key learning points for classroom or webinar delivery.
  • Editable Format – Tailor branding, imagery, content, and terminology to align with your RTO’s style and learner cohort needs.

BSB60320 e-Learning Resources (Optional):

  • HTML5/SCORM Compliant e-Learning Resources – Engaging interactive activities, audio narration, and captivating content.
  • LMS Integration – Compatible with popular platforms such as eSkilled, Moodle, and more, enabling quick and easy online training setup.
  • Volume of Learning Compliance – Track student activity through a suitable LMS to demonstrate compliance with the volume of learning requirements.

BSB60320 Mapping Tool:

  • Direct Mapping – All assessments, learning content, and PowerPoint presentations are mapped directly against their respective units of competency to ensure comprehensive coverage.
  • Comprehensive Mapping Documentation – Backed by mapping notes on assessment tasks to support validation, contextualisation, and compliance.

Unlimited Student Licence:

  • Train an unlimited number of students with our BSB60320 RTO training materials and resources, potentially saving your RTO thousands of dollars compared to per-student licensing models.

Access to Virtual Workplace Resources:

Provide students with essential workplace materials, including forms, templates, policies, procedures, case studies, scenarios, and reports, to support their studies and ensure course completion.

Open the door to success in the Human Resources field for your learners with the nationally recognised Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management! The BSB60320 materials for RTOs equips your learners for a senior role in the dynamic world of HR, arming them with the expertise to craft and implement human resource strategies, master employee relations, and help organisation development.

Ensure contextualisation, compliance, and validation by leveraging the high-quality RTO assessment resources, RTO learning resources, and extensive mapping documentation provided in your BSB60320 training materials package.

ORDER your BSB60320 Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management RTO materials and training resources Now!

Enquire now through the form to request free samples of our BSB60320 RTO resources and experience a guided walkthrough of the key training and compliance features that will enhance your RTO’s effectiveness, save costs, and help secure your registration.

NB: Precision RTO Resources exclusively develops RTO learning materials and RTO assessment resources for Australian Registered Training Organisations and other training providers. We do not provide training services.

Simulated Business

Simulated Business Website for BSB60320 Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management

Empower your learners with an enhanced level of knowledge retention through the Bounce Fitness simulated intranet site. This dynamic platform offers a wealth of actual workplace resources, providing additional support to your students and enabling them to gain practical knowledge and skills in the BSB60320 course.

Train with Bounce Fitness Simulated Business Site:

  • Unlimited Access – Enjoy unlimited access to the Bounce Fitness simulated workplace website without the worry of renewal or additional fees. With this, you can maximise the use of this invaluable tool throughout the lifetime of your training resources.
  • Wide Range of Workplace Documents and Simulation Resources – Equip your students with real-world knowledge and skills by utilising a variety of workplace documents and role-play scenarios. From generic workplace templates to detailed simulations, these resources provide practical insights without compromising confidentiality or privacy concerns.
  • Downloadable, Printable, and Editable – Tailor the workplace documents to meet your learners’ specific needs and RTO requirements. The resources are provided in Word format for easy customisation, as well as PDF for seamless downloading and printing.
  • User-Friendly – Simplify access for both trainers and students with a single set of login credentials. The straightforward design of the simulated business website ensures a seamless user experience.

Get in Touch with Us to Learn More!

Discover the benefits of the Bounce Fitness simulated business site and how it can enhance your trainers’ and students’ learning experiences. Fill in the form, and our dedicated team will be pleased to assist you with free samples, personalised quotes, and informative packs.

Take the next step toward effective training for your BSB60320 Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management.

e-Learning Resources

BSB60320 Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management e-Learning Resources

Level up your training delivery of the BSB60320 Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management unit with our comprehensive e-Learning resources. Designed to provide a structured and interactive learning experience, these training resources offer a range of features to engage your students and ensure optimal training outcomes.

Key Features of our BSB60320 e-Learning Resources:

  • Interactive and Engaging Content: Our e-Learning BSB60320 resources package includes interactive elements to create an immersive learning experience. The content is presented in bite-sized portions, allowing students to absorb and retain information more effectively. Quiz questions are incorporated to test understanding and support knowledge retention.
  • Audio Narration: To cater to different learning styles, our BSB60320 e-Learning resources include audio narration. This feature benefits learners with auditory preferences or LLN needs, enhancing their comprehension and engagement.
  • Seamless Installation: Our e-Learning resources are delivered in a SCORM/HTML5 compliant format, ensuring easy integration with most learning management systems (LMS). Whether you use eSkilled, Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, or other popular e-learning platforms, our resources are plug-and-play compatible, simplifying the setup process.
  • Cross-Device Compatibility: Enable students to study the Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management unit at their convenience. Our e-Learning resources are compatible with desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices, providing flexibility and accessibility.
  • Editable Files for Customisation: We provide the e-Learning resources in an editable format, allowing you to customise and tailor them to your specific RTO’s requirements or learner cohort’s needs. This flexibility ensures alignment with your preferred training delivery style and assessment methods.

Upgrade your training delivery by incorporating our BSB60320 Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management e-Learning Resources. Fill in the form now to secure your resources and take your training to the next level.

BSB60320 Samples

Please enquire now using the form to receive a free info pack with more information and samples of the BSB60320 Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management‘ RTO materials.

BSB60320 Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management Units of Competency

The BSB60320 Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management RTO training and assessment resources package comprises a comprehensive set of units that equip learners with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their HR careers. The training resource package includes a total of 10 units, consisting of 6 core units and 4 elective units. Take advantage of the flexibility and tailor your packaging by selecting from the range of elective units below.

Choose Your Units

Core Units

BSBCRT611 Apply critical thinking for complex problem solving
BSBFIN601 Manage organisational finances
BSBHRM611 Contribute to organisational performance development
BSBHRM612 Contribute to the development of employee and industrial relations strategies
BSBHRM614 Contribute to strategic workforce planning
BSBLDR601 Lead and manage organisational change

Elective Units

BSBSTR601 Manage innovation and continuous improvement
BSBTEC601 Review organisational digital strategy
BSBOPS504 Manage business risk
BSBWHS521 Ensure a safe workplace for a work area
BSBOPS601 Develop and implement business plans
BSBHRM613 Contribute to the development of learning and development strategies
BSBTWK601 Develop and maintain strategic business networks
BSBLDR602 Provide leadership across the organisation
BSBHRM615 Contribute to the development of diversity and inclusion strategies


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About the Developer of BSB60320 Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management RTO Materials

Discover the trusted developer behind the BSB60320 Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management RTO resources. Precision RTO Resources provides high-quality learning materials, including assessment tools, learner resources, and other resources. With a commitment to excellence, they ensure that their RTO materials meet the highest standards in training and assessment.

To learn more about licensing and product support, please review the terms and conditions of sale provided by Precision RTO Resources.

About the Developer of BSB60320 Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management RTO e-Learning Materials

Experience innovative e-Learning materials for the BSB60320 Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management from eSkilled, the developer trusted by RTOs nationwide. The e-Learning materials are designed to enhance the training experience, offering interactive and engaging content that promotes effective learning.

For detailed information on licensing and product support, we encourage you to familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of sale provided by eSkilled. We provide comprehensive support to ensure your successful implementation of the e-Learning materials.

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