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PRE-ORDER the 2020 release of the CHC30220 Certificate III in School Based Education Support RTO training resources from one of Australia’s leading training resource developers! 

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Our CHC30220 Certificate III in School Based Education Support training resources bundle comes complete with: 

  • Learner Guides – with learning content for students to study before attempting the assessment tasks 
  • Assessment Workbooks – containing clear instructions for students to complete the summative assessment 
  • Assessor Guides – with assessor instructions, assessment benchmarks, competency records and mapping notes 
  • Assessment Mapping Documents – detailed master mapping matrix showing where all unit requirements are met 

This is a premium RTO materials package which includes the quality and compliance features RTOs now need to keep up with compliance obligations. 

Enquire now for more information on the current development status, samples and pricing for this sought-after CHC30220 RTO resource package! 

CHC30220 Certificate III in School Based Education Support RTO Resources and Assessment Materials 

Get a complete CHC30220 Certificate III in School Based Education Support RTO training materials package so your RTO can deliver and assess Australia’s flagship vocational education and training (VET) qualification! 

These CHC30220 Certificate III in School Based Education Support RTO resources and assessment materials have been designed so you can deliver quality training outcomes to your students, and produce graduates with the necessary skills sets to excel in Education Support industry roles. 

Compliant’s CHC30220 Assessment Tools are being developed to exacting compliance standards by experienced instructional designers so you can be confident in delivering and assessing training. The key compliance features of our RTO resources may also help you in official regulatory audits. The assessment tools will undergo one or more rounds of validation and gap filling as part of the development process to ensure you receive a robust assessment resource. 

We also supply you with crucial mapping documents! All assessments in the CHC30220 RTO materials are mapped directly against the relevant unit of competency and verified to ensure every competency requirement has been assessed using appropriate methods of evidence collection. You will receive a complete set of mapping documents to support your validation process and to help you at audit. 

You will receive an unlimited student license, meaning you can deliver and assess training to as many students as you want using this CHC30220 training resource. Compliant’s package includes pre-selected elective units, clustered into a streamlined delivery package. This means you can provide a holistic training experience to your students, and enjoy efficient, cost-effective training delivery for your RTO. 

NB: We do NOT provide any training services. We develop RTO training materials and assessment resources for purchase and use by Australian Registered Training Organisations and other training providers. 

Comprehensive CHC30220 Assessment Tools Package – Validated and Written to Meet All Unit Requirements! 

Your CHC30220 package includes Assessment Materials for 15 units of competency – including 10 core units and a choice of elective units. These assessment materials have been written against the unit Performance Criteria and Assessment Requirements, then validated by compliance experts and subject matter experts to ensure the content is correct and fully mapped to unit requirements. 

The CHC30220 RTO materials utilise a range of assessment methods such as short answers, case studies, scenarios, practical observations, multiple choice, projects, vocational placement and more to form a robust portfolio of assessment evidence at the end of your students’ training. 

Each assessment is also mapped to unit requirements at the assessment task level, so when you are conducting validation or contextualising the vocational training materials, you can quickly and easily work out which performance criteria or assessment requirements must be addressed in your modified assessment tool to ensure all requirements are still met. 

Your RTO resources package will be delivered in editable digital format, so you can easily contextualise tasks, upload to your Learning Management System or otherwise distribute to your students digitally, or print hard copies of the materials for use in the classroom. 

For more information about the new CHC30220 Certificate III in School Based Education Support qualification, check the latest SkillsIQ draft information here –  

CHC30220 RTO Learner Guides 

This CHC30220 training resources package includes a full set of learner guides – packed full of information and educational content for your students. These will be the “textbook” or study resource for your students while they complete this qualification. 

The Assessor Guides actually include mapping to the Learner Guides. This means it’s easy to work out which sections of the learner resources match up to each assessment task so you can easily plan your course delivery. This is perfect to create quick study guides for students who are deemed “Not Yet Competent” when you are assessing student submissions. 

Your CHC30220 training resources from Compliant Learning include a full set of Learner Guides in unlocked, editable digital format on an unlimited student license – meaning no expensive ongoing textbook fees! 

Detailed, Specific Assessment Benchmarks 

Assessment benchmarks are one of the often-overlooked elements of training resource compliance. You must have quality assessment benchmarks in your CHC30220 RTO resources so your assessors can produce consistent, correct assessment judgements. Without strong, clear assessment benchmarks, you risk having your assessors pass not-yet-competent students, leaving your RTO exposed to non-compliance at audit! 

Good assessment benchmarks throughout your Education Support assessment materials will help support and get better results from compliance processes such as moderation and validation too. 

RTO Resources Contextualised to the CHC30220 Qualification 

Your CHC30220 RTO materials from Compliant Learning Resources have been specifically written as a CHC30220 resource package, meaning each unit is contextualised to this qualification. The learning and assessment materials are contextualised to Education Support training out of the box. 

We will provide you with unlocked, editable Learner Guide, Assessment Workbook, and an Assessor Guide so you can make additional changes and modifications for your training or compliance requirements! 

Unit by Unit CHC30220 RTO Training Materials 

This new CHC30220 training resources package is written in a unit by unit format to make it easy for you to change elective units to fulfil the training requirements for different student cohorts, contracts, and funding arrangements. 

If you are delivering training under pay-on-completion funding arrangements, this resource style is perfect – allowing you to progress students to completion of a single unit and then submit a statement of attainment to receive payment! 

CHC30220 PowerPoints 

Your CHC30220 RTO materials package will include BSB PowerPoint files per unit of competency 

  • Key learning points summarised in slides to support your classroom or webinar delivery of the course content 
  • Editable so you can modify branding, imagery, terminology and add/remove content to contextualise to your RTO’s delivery style and learner cohort needs. 

CHC30220 e-Learning Resources (Optional) 

You can add HTML5/SCORM compliant e-learning resources to your CHC30220 RTO training and assessment resources package! It includes interactive learning activities, audio-narration, and other engaging content. 

It is “plug & play compatible” with most popular LMS platforms including Moodle, so you can get online training up and running quickly & easily! Additionally, it can help you demonstrate volume of learning requirements have been met through online training (when paired with a suitable LMS platform that tracks student activity) – vital for compliance! 

Receive an additional discount on your e-learning resources when you bundle them with the rest of your training and assessment materials! 

Developer, Licensing & Support 

This CHC30220 Certificate III in School Based Education Support RTO training resource is developed and published by Compliant Learning Resources. Licensing and support for these RTO materials will be provided by Compliant Learning Resources. 

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CHC30220 Samples

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CHC30220 Certificate III in School Based Education Support Unit

This CHC30220 RTO training resource package is still under development, please contact for updates on the units.

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