CHCDIS003 Support community participation and social inclusion

Get the latest learning resources and assessment tools to deliver and assess CHCDIS003 Support community participation and social inclusion from one of Australia’s leading RTO training resource developers! Your new CHCDIS003 training materials package will include:

  • Unlimited Student License
  • Learner Guides
  • Assessment Workbooks
  • Assessor Guides (including assessor instructions, competency mapping and benchmark answers)
  • “Real World” Simulated Workplace Resources to Support Training & Assessment (on-line intranet site packed full of extra resources)

This unit of competency is clustered together with other units of competency in a workbook and contextualised for our CHC33015 qualification package(s).

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CHCDIS003 Support community participation and social inclusion RTO Training Resources

Get a complete CHCDIS003 Support community participation and social inclusion training resources kit so your RTO can deliver and assess this popular unit of competency as part of a high-value vocational qualification!

Compliant Learning Resources will provide your RTO with CHCDIS003 materials designed to help your students develop desirable skills and knowledge in the community services sector.

We have clustered this unit of competency together with up to 4 other units of competency and contextualised it to fit in our CHC33015 qualification package(s). We are able to supply complete clusters of units or qualification packages including this unit, so please contact us now to check which clusters of materials incorporate this unit and for a quote on your package.

Your training resources will be delivered in unlocked, editable format with a detailed mapping document so you are able to modify, contextualise and uncluster the unit as you wish. Vocational placement assessment tasks are provided in a separate vocational placement assessment workbook so your students will know exactly what needs to be completed during their placement (if required).

Your CHCDIS003 Support community participation and social inclusion vocational training and assessment resources package includes:

  • Learner Guides for your students to study,
  • Assessment Workbooks for your students to complete and submit for assessment,
  • Assessor Guides with instructions and assessment benchmarks for your assessors, and
  • Mapping Documentation so you can quickly and easily demonstrate where each element and performance criteria is assessed in these training resources.
  • Access to Virtual Workplace training resources – including a wealth of simulated client files, policies, procedures, forms, templates and other materials to support assessment

Your RTO will also receive an unlimited student license, meaning you can deliver and assess training to as many students as you want using this learning and assessment resource.

CHCDIS003 RTO Training Materials

This VET resources package includes training materials for a single unit of competency, CHCDIS003 Support community participation and social inclusion. Using these RTO materials, you can deliver this UOC as part of a skillset or qualification. This unit of competency is also included as part of complete qualification packages sold by Compliant Learning, so check our other training materials for sale if you need a full set of learning resources to deliver your course.

For more information about the CHCDIS003 Support community participation and social inclusion unit, including qualifications that include this unit, elements and performance criteria, performance evidence, knowledge evidence, and assessment conditions, check the official page here – CHCDIS003 Support community participation and social inclusion

Unlimited Student License!

Our unlimited student license model means you purchase the CHCDIS003 training resource once and deliver and assess training for as many students as you want with no additional fees!

This is a self-contained VET training resource, meaning it comes with assessment tools AND learner guides with learning content for your students. No additional textbooks or per-student resources fees required!

We typically find the break-even point is just 10-20 students when purchasing an unlimited student license. This means after just one class of students or less, you can be saving massive amounts on your training resource costs long term.

Virtual Workplace Resources

This CHCDIS003 Support community participation and social inclusion training and assessment materials package is supported by a Simulated Business intranet site which includes additional “workplace” resources to help you deliver and assess this qualification easily, and offer training to more students. These resources may include materials like policies and procedures, templates, forms, case studies, simulated client files, meeting minutes and more.

In most cases, this means your RTO will have the option to provide a fully simulated assessment pathway. This opens up opportunities for you to deliver vocational training to domestic students without a job, and international students who are not in Australia or don’t have the right to work in Australia. It also speeds up training delivery for your students with a job, as they can access the materials they need 24/7 and keep studying without having to stop and wait to retrieve documents from their workplace.

Many CHC training package units do require students to submit private or confidential client files as part of assessments – which in most cases is simply impossible, leaving your students stuck unable to complete the course. We have created simulated client files for students to use where required so your students can still complete these assessment tasks.


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CHCDIS003 Samples

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CHCDIS003 Support community participation and social inclusion Unit Materials

As part of this Learning and Assessment Resource package, you will receive learner guides, assessor guides and assessment workbooks for the unit CHCDIS003 Support community participation and social inclusion.

This unit of competency may be clustered together in a single workbook with up to 4 units of competency, and contextualised for the CHC33015 qualification(s). Please contact us for more information about the clustered workbooks that contain this unit and how they will fit your training needs.

Please check the licensing and product support here for terms and conditions of sale of resources from Compliant Learning Resources.