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Get the latest FNS50615 Diploma of Financial Planning Training and Assessment Resources from one of Australia’s leading VET resource developers, Compliant Learning Resources! Our Diploma of Financial Planning training and assessment materials package comes complete with:

  • Learner Guides – contains learning content for students to study and means you don't need to buy additional textbooks
  • Assessment Workbooks – designed to cover all elements and performance criteria, plus provide a great learning experience for your students
  • Assessor Guides – includes specific, detailed assessment benchmarks to help ensure your assessors produce valid assessment judgements
  • Mapping Documents – detailed record of where each assessment requirement is found, vital tool for your ongoing compliance activities and at audit

The materials are delivered in digital format, with an unlimited student license! No paying per-student fees for additional textbooks, printed learner guides or assessment workbooks.

FNS50615 Diploma of Financial Planning Training and Assessment Materials for RTOs

Get a complete FNS50615 Diploma of Financial Planning training and assessment resource kit so your RTO can deliver and assess this super popular FNS50615 Diploma of Financial Planning qualification! These Diploma of Financial Planning Learning Resources have been designed so you can deliver critically needed, high-quality financial services training to your students.

You will receive an unlimited student license, meaning you can deliver and assess training to as many students as you want using this training resource.

We also supply crucial mapping documents! All assessments are mapped directly to the relevant elements and performance criteria and verified to ensure every competency requirement has been assessed using appropriate methods of evidence collection.

For more information about the FNS50615 Diploma of Financial Planning qualification including currency, packing rules, qualification outcomes and entry requirements, check the official training.gov.au page here – FNS50615 Diploma of Financial Planning.

All-Inclusive, Self-Contained FNS50615 Financial Services Training Resources

Unlike many FNS50615 Diploma of Financial Planning training and assessment materials packages which just include facilitation tools, or assessor guides and assessment workbooks, Compliant’s FNS training packages comes complete with all Learner Guide and Assessment Tool content in digital format with an unlimited student license.

This means you will not be reliant on purchasing hard copy learner guides, assessment workbooks or textbooks for every student – expenses which can easily add up to hundreds of dollars per student! When you do the break-even analysis versus a print resource, our Diploma of Financial Planning resource will typically pay for itself with a less than one class of students, and then you are free to deliver and assess FNS50615 training for years with no ongoing per-student materials fees!

Unlimited Student License!

Our unlimited student license model means you purchase the training resource once and deliver and assess training for as many students as you want with no additional fees!

Unit by Unit FNS50615 RTO Training Materials!

This qualification is written unit by unit so you can select from a range of elective units to design your ideal qualification packaging, or order extra elective units so you can offer a selection of specialised course outcomes to your students. In our experience, this flexibility is ideal for financial services qualifications so you can tailor training outcomes to specific industry and business needs.

Comprehensive Benchmark Answers

One of the true tests of compliance… you must have quality assessment benchmarks so your assessors can produce consistent, correct assessment judgements or else you risk passing not-yet-competent students leaving you at serious risk of non-compliance at audit! Good assessment benchmarks will help support your assessors to make the right assessment judgements and get better results from compliance processes such as moderation and validation too.

Fully Mapped FNS50615 Assessment Tools

All training package requirements are mapped to assessment tasks in a mapping matrix. Comprehensive assessment tool mapping is essential for day-to-day training delivery, and vital when you go to audit. It also makes validation quicker and easier, important as you are required to conduct regular validation as part of your ongoing RTO compliance obligations.

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FNS50615 Training Resource License Terms

These FNS50615 Diploma of Financial Planning training resources developed by Vibrant Courseware are provided on “One-Off” License Fee with Unlimited Students – meaning you pay one upfront fee and there are no ongoing per-student or annual license fees for the lifetime of the unit or qualification release!

The One-Off Resource License Fees include:

  • Unlimited student license (NO additional per-student fees)
  • No ongoing fees for use of the resources
  • You can use the resources for up to 12 months after the qualification is superseded so you can train out your current students
  • New Releases and other materials will be available for additional fees
  • Quality upgrades and improvements to this Release of the training resource will be delivered to clients with a current license agreement at no additional charge!
  • Assessment Tools can be uploaded to your LMS or printed, and are editable
  • Learner Guides can be uploaded to your LMS or printed, and are editable
  • Resources are delivered in digital format (Word, Excel, MYOB etc) for easy customisation and distribution

These training resources will be undergoing extensive updates and improvements this year which will be provided to all RTOs that invest in these materials for no extra change.

Please read the Guarantees section for more information about our plans to update and enhance this training resource.

FNS50615 Guarantees

This training resource was written by Vibrant Courseware and was recently purchased by Compliant Learning Resources to fill a gap in our product range.

In our review of this training resource after purchase, Compliant Learning has identified that these Assessment Tools currently only map to the Assessment Requirements, and not all Unit Requirements. We now have plans to rewrite all these Assessment Tools to fill these gaps.

Because of these gaps, Compliant has dropped the price of these resources by over 50% to reflect the “as is” state of the assessment tools. Compliant Learning Resources is not able to provide an audit guarantee on these assessment resources.

This provides your RTO with a really great opportunity to acquire this learning content and assessment tools at an exceptional price. It allows you to complete the gap filling and contextualise the resources for their learner cohort and still have the resource you want at a great price.

As we know, ASQA always want to see evidence of contextualisation, so your RTO will easily be able to show how you have contextualised your course when you’re at audit!

Our Upgrade Guarantee on Vibrant Courseware FNS Materials

Compliant will be starting our redevelopment of the Vibrant FNS package training resources to update these materials to address ALL assessment and unit requirements to the standard you see in resources developed by Compliant’s own team. This project kicks off in May 2018 and should be completed around September 2018.

Any RTO who purchases the current Vibrant Courseware resources will automatically receive a FREE UPGRADE to the Compliant Learning Resources version of this resource, meaning you have effectively acquired Compliant premium product at under 50% of the normal price!

Resource Developer, Licensing & Support

This training resource package was developed by Vibrant Courseware and was recently acquired by Compliant Learning Resources.

Licensing, maintenance and support for this qualification package will be provided by Compliant Learning Resources.

Please read the Guarantees section for more information about our plans to update and enhance this training resource.