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Get your MEM05003B Perform soft soldering RTO training resources from one of Australia’s leaders in RTO training resource developers! Your training materials from TotalVET Training Resources helps you deliver and assess this unit of competence for the popular MEM training package.

Your comprehensive MEM05003B training resource comes with:

  • Learner Guide
  • Assessment Tools
  • Assessment Benchmarks
  • Mapping Document
  • Session Plan
  • PowerPoint Presentations

Your MEM05003B also comes with these features:

  • UNLIMITED student license (NO additional per student fees)
  • Training resources can be uploaded to your LMS or printed
  • Delivered in digital format (Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint etc) for easy distribution

The MEM05003B Perform soft soldering is now superseded by the MEM05003 but may still be purchased and used as basis for developing the new unit. This product shortens the development time of the new unit by weeks.  Contact Us for pricing and free samples!

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Get the complete MEM05003B Perform soft soldering training materials so your RTO can deliver and assess this popular unit of competency for the MEM training package. Deliver this unit separately or as part of a premium vocational qualification!

This is a unique opportunity to get hard-to-find Engineering training resources. Shortcut your time to market by weeks or months compared to starting development from scratch, and potentially save tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process!

This means you can submit additions to scope and launch courses faster and start delivering training and generating revenue sooner.

Your MEM05003B training and assessment resources comes with:

  • Assessment Tools– written to the unit requirements and tested in training.
  • Assessment Benchmarks– including a clear standard for your assessors to assess student submissions against
  • Mapping Document– including mapping of unit requirements against assessments to help you demonstrate compliance or conduct validation
  • Session Plan– outline of how the tools are designed to be delivered giving you a starting point to develop your own unique delivery plan
  • Templates, Forms, Examples (where available) – additional documents to support training delivery and assessment
  • Learner Guides (available for most units) – learning content for your students to study to assist with completing the course
  • PowerPoint Presentations– to support your classroom or webinar delivery of the course, or as additional reading content for your students

MEM05003B RTO Training Materials

This MEM05003B  VET resources package includes training materials for a single unit of competency. Using these RTO materials, you can deliver this UOC as an individual unit, as part of a skill set, or as a core or elective unit in a qualification.

Learner Guides

Most training resources from this publisher are supplied with Learner Guides and other educational supplements that take the place of Learner Guides. In most cases, this means you will have a self-contained training resource that does not require third-party textbooks for your students to complete their training. No expensive textbooks!

Mapping Documents

You will receive a mapping document with your MEM05003B training resources. Your mapping document is a valuable tool to help you conduct validation as part of your ongoing obligations as a Registered Training Organisation. This is also important at audit to assist you to find and show your auditor where competencies are assessed in the training materials.

Unit by Unit Format

The RTO learning resources come in a unit by unit format, meaning the set of documents covers just the MEM05003B  unit. This allows you to incorporate this one unit into many different qualifications or mix and match electives to design different versions of a course specific to the needs of your learners.

Assessment Style

The MEM05003B training resources have been designed to be used in blended training delivery, including some face to face instruction and self-paced learning by the student at home. The RTO materials can be adapted to suit a wide range of training delivery styles to suit your RTOs needs. RTO materials from this catalogue use a range of assessment methods, and may include:

  • Practical Observations
  • Assignments
  • Exams
  • Tests
  • Written Questions
  • Case Studies
  • Scenarios
  • Third Party Verification
  • Record of Assessment

Note these assessment tools do not include a fully simulated assessment pathway and would require additional contextualisation by the RTO to deliver fully simulated training and assessment. Practical observations or third-party verification are included for most units of competency as part of the assessment.

UNLIMITED Student License!

Train as many students as you want, with no ongoing fees or resource costs

BRAND-ABLE, Editable Training Resources

Your training materials for the MEM05003B will be delivered in digital format, and you will have permission to brand, customise and adapt training materials to suit your needs and the needs of your student cohort.

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MEM05003B Samples

Please enquire now using the form to receive a free info pack with more information and samples of the MEM05003B Perform soft soldering RTO materials.

MEM05003B Unit

This package of training materials includes learning and assessment resources for the unit MEM05003B Perform soft soldering only. We offer additional units from the MEM05 Metal and Engineering training package in this publishers catalogue, so please get in touch if you are looking for anything else from this range of educational resources.

Please check the licensing and product support here for terms and conditions of sale of resources from TotalVET Training Resources.