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MSMSUP106 Work in a team RTO Learning Materials Developed by Quality VET Solutions

Now Available
Now Available
Status: Current
Status: Current

Whilst we don’t currently have MSMSUP106 Work in a team training resources available in our expansive catalogue, we’re always reviewing demand to fuel our development pipeline. If you’re interested in purchasing MSMSUP106 Work in a team RTO learning materials, please submit an expression of interest through our contact form.

Here’s what you can expect from our amazing MSMSUP106 Work in a team RTO materials.

  • An unlimited student licence, which means you can train as many students as you want without worrying about recurring or renewal fees.
  • Comprehensive RTO learning resources, to equip your trainers, minimise work and meet volume of learning requirements.
  • Detailed assessment tools containing helpful guides, checklists, and workbooks that assessors can use to evaluate student competency effectively.
  • Comprehensive mapping tools for learner guides, PowerPoint presentations and assessments, to provide advanced support when being audited or when undertaking validation
  • Editable digital format available for RTO training materials, allowing you to easily customise and contextualise to fit your RTO’s needs.
  • Simulated business websites, giving students access to hundreds of workplace documents, such as policies, procedures, staff handbooks, templates, case studies, and more, to help them complete activities, especially when unemployed.
  • Rectification assistance guarantee to assist with the rectification of your assessment resources should any compliance issues arise during an official regulatory audit.
  • Engaging content to help your students learn. Our RTO training resources follow a tell-show-do format and use a mix of text, graphics, infographics, multimedia content and additional reading references.

Please get in touch with our award-winning team, to lodge your expression of interest in these RTO resources. Simply fill out the form today! We look forward to speaking to you!

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