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Deliver and assess SIS50512 Diploma of Sport Coaching using RTO training and assessment materials from one of Australia’s leading RTO training resource developers!

Your new SIS50512 Diploma of Sport Coaching Assessment Tools and Learner Guides Package comes complete with:

  • Learner Guides
  • Assessment Tools
  • Assessment Mapping Documents
  • Powerpoint Slides

The training resources are delivered in editable Word format so you can easily complete your resource setup and begin SIS50512 Diploma of Sport Coaching training delivery as quickly as possible!

You will receive an unlimited student license so you can deliver and assess training for as many students as you want at your RTO with no additional fees.

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Your new SIS50512 Diploma of Sport Coaching (Golf) learning resources are designed with a range of premium features for your trainers, assessors, compliance staff and students. The SIS10 – Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training Package training package includes a wide range of sports, coaching, fitness, and outdoor recreation related qualifications. The Diploma of Sport Coaching qualification can be customised with specialisations in Golf, Martial Arts, Tennis, Swimming, Equestrian and Rugby League. We offer packages for the Core Units only, a 10 unit Golf Coaching Specialisation and Pre-Requisite units to allow entry into the Diploma course.

These RTO training resources will allow your RTO to deliver training to students pursuing a career as a coach at a high-performance level. The qualification delivers training outcomes in sports coaching with a specialisation in golf but also covers business, operations and management aspects of modern sports coaching enabling your students to develop the skills and knowledge they need to gain and hold employment in this sector.

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Assessment Benchmarks

Each assessment task includes assessment benchmarks in the Assessor Guide. This is critical for your long-term compliance, as post-initial, re-registration and compliance audits focus on your application of the assessment tool. This means they look at the quality of the evidence of competence you€™ve gathered and validity of your assessment judgements.

You must have specific, detailed assessment benchmarks so your assessors can produce consistent, valid assessment judgements and help ensure your RTO’s compliance at audit.

Assessment Mapping

Quickly and easily find and demonstrate where all Performance Criteria, Knowledge Evidence, Performance Evidence and other assessment requirements are found in your new SIS10 training materials! The mapping matrices you will receive with your SIS50512 RTO resources are an essential compliance tool and invaluable when you are audited.

Includes Learner Guides!

Many RTOs fall into the trap of investing in slightly cheaper €œassessment tool only€ packages and then discover they are on the hook for potentially hundreds of dollars per student to get learning content to deliver the course!

Our SIS packages include Learner Guide content on the unlimited student license. Quality Learner Guides are a critical training resource that provides essential course information, which means potentially:

  • Less trainer support required.
  • Fewer re-submission attempts if students find the correct information first time (saving you money on assessment!).
  • Includes formative assessments to help your students learn and cement their knowledge.

Clustered Learning Resources

This SIS50512 RTO training materials package is written in a clustered format to minimise duplication of assessment and provide a more holistic learning experience for your students. Two to four units of competency with similar knowledge and competency outcomes have been combined into each subject workbook, with topics such as HSE, Operations, Problem Solving, Support and Leadership.

Our experience of clustering shows it can substantially reduce your time to deliver and assess the qualification while still meeting all competency requirements, saving you time and money on training and assessment. It can also provide a more enjoyable and faster learning experience for students, as they are not repeating similar or identical assessment tasks in multiple units of competency.

Editable Assessment Workbooks

Your SIS training resources will be delivered with unlocked, editable learner guides and assessment workbooks in Word format so you can modify and contextualise assessments for compliance and to suit your students’ needs.

Unlimited Student License

Deliver and assess SIS training to as many students as you want using the SIS50512 Diploma of Sport Coaching RTO training resources! This package is delivered in digital format with an unlimited student license and includes Learner Guides. This means there is just the one upfront license fee and no more fees to pay to use the materials for the life of the qualification – no matter how many students you train.

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Product Summary

You will receive Learner Guides, Assessment Workbooks, Assessor Guides, Mapping Documents, PowerPoints

SIS50512 RTO Training Materials Audit Guarantee

Your RTO Specialists (YRS) warrants that the SIS50512 Diploma of Sport Coaching assessment resources will meet the requirements of the qualification release at audit.

If the assessment resources are found non-compliant during a regulatory audit, YRS will undertake further development work at no cost to you and re-supply the assessment resources with rectifications in order to demonstrate compliance.

This guarantee applies for two years from the date the resources are licensed or until the qualification/release is superseded (whichever comes sooner).

This compliance guarantee does not apply if non-compliances identified during a regulatory audit are the result of amendments or customisations made by you and are not the result of the original design of the assessment as written by YRS.

SIS50512 Diploma of Sport Coaching Includes 26 Units of Competency!

As part of your new SIS50512 Diploma of Sport Coaching RTO training materials package, you will receive learner guides, assessor guides, and assessment workbooks for a full 26 units of competency covering the Core Units, General Electives, and Golf Specialisation Electives. Core units and Golf Specialisation-only packages are available.

This package does include 3 more electives than are required to meet packaging rules in order to deliver as many critically needed golf competencies as possible – including interpreting and applying the rules of golf, advanced golf tactics and performing advanced golf skills.

These units have been clustered into subjects focusing on Business, Coaching, Golf Skills, Competitions and Operations. There is an optional pre-requisite units package which allows students entry into the Diploma of Sport Coaching qualification. This pre-requisite unit package is available for an extra license fee.

SIS50512 Core Units:

  • BSBADM502B Manage meetings
  • BSBINN502A Build and sustain an innovative work environment
  • SISSSCO304 Customise coaching for athletes with specific needs
  • SISSSCO305 Implement selection policies
  • SISSSCO410 Implement a talent identification program
  • SISSSCO512 Assist athletes to prevent and manage injury and illness
  • SISSSCO513 Plan and implement high performance training and recovery programs
  • SISXCAI305A Conduct individualised long-term training programs
  • SISXCCS403A Determine needs of client populations
  • SISXIND404A Promote compliance with laws and legal principles
  • SISXIND406A Manage projects
  • SISXIND408 Select and use technology for sport, fitness and recreation
  • SISXRSK502A Manage organisational risks
  • SITXFIN402 Manage finances within a budget
  • SITXHRM402 Lead and manage people

SIS50512 Elective Units – General:

  • SISSGLF314 Perform the advanced skills of golf
  • SISSGLF315 Apply the advanced tactics and strategies of golf
  • SISSGLF316 Interpret and apply the rules of golf
  • SISSSCO101 Develop and update knowledge of coaching practices

SIS50512 Elective Units – Golf Specialisation:

  • SISSGLF510 Fit and alter golf equipment
  • SISSGLF512 Manage the structure and facilitation of golf competitions and tournaments
  • SISSGLF517 Apply advanced skills, tactics and strategies of golf in high performance competition
  • SISSGLF518 Teach the advanced skills of golf
  • SISSGLF519 Teach the advanced tactics and strategies of golf
  • SISSGLF520 Design and implement strategies to increase junior participation in golf
  • SISSGLF521 Manage on course golf operations

SIS50512 Pre-Requisite Units (Optional Extra):

  • SISSSCO306 Provide drugs in sport information
  • SISSSCO307 Provide nutrition information to athletes
  • SISSSCO308 Support athletes to adopt principles of sport psychology
  • SISSSCO409 Work collaboratively with support personnel
  • SISSSCO411 Apply self-management to intermediate level coaching

SIS50512 RTO Resource Licensing Conditions

Your SIS50512 Diploma of Sport Coaching (Golf) RTO training resources package from Your RTO Specialists (YRS) is provided on an unlimited student digital license.

The licensing conditions for your SIS50512 materials are:

  • Unlimited student license (NO ongoing or per-student fees to pay!)
  • You have the option to print or distribute materials to your students digitally with no additional fees
  • No resale or distribution of the materials to other organisations
  • If there are major changes to the unit code and title a whole new unit will be developed and sold at a new fee (full license fee price applies).
  • All assessment materials and learner guides will be in Microsoft Word format. Materials can be edited and contextualized for your learner cohort and compliance needs. This format provides maximum flexibility and ease of modifying materials, and easy conversion to many other formats for printing or digital distribution via your LMS.

SIS50512 Diploma of Sport Coaching Qualification Package Developer

This RTO training resource was developed and is maintained by the expert RTO consultancy team at Your RTO Specialists (YRS).

They have many years experience in RTO consulting, specialising in RTO startups, staffing, funding and compliance. YRS knows what it takes to achieve compliance at your RTO and understand the compliance features and standards auditors need to see in your training materials and have designed their resources to match.

Your RTO Specialists is based in Canberra and provides a wide range of RTO consulting and compliance services. They will be able to assist you with your RTO registration or addition to scope application using their training materials.

Compliant Learning Resources is proud to partner with Your RTO Specialists to distribute their RTO training materials to Australian and international training organisations, TAFEs and Universities.