Your CHC30213 Certificate III in Education Support RPL Assessment Kit from Compliant Learning Resources includes:

  • RPL Assessment Workbook
  • RPL Assessor Guide
  • RPL Candidate Guide
  • RPL Assessment Mapping Tool

Your Individual Support RPL Kit is delivered in digital format with an unlimited student license, so you are free to assess RPL for as many students as you want in your RTO!


RTOs must offer their students an RPL pathway for each qualification they deliver, and a quality RPL kit is vital to making valid assessment decisions and remaining compliant with training standards. Your CHC30213 Certificate III in Education Suport RPL Kit from Compliant Learning Resources will make RPL easy for your trainers and students, and help you produce quality, consistent RPL judgements.

This kit has been carefully designed and written to break down performance criteria into easy to answer questions and simple instructions for evidence submission. The kit is designed to cover all units requirements with a range of appropriate assessment methods. RPL assessment tools for 17 units of competency are included in this package!

Your CHC30213 Certificate III in Education Support RPL Assessment Kit from Compliant Learning Resources includes:

  • RPL Assessment Workbook – one assessment workbook per unit with a mix of written questions, evidence gathering and submission instructions, and third party observation of skills to assess prior learning and produce valid RPL decisions
  • RPL Assessor Guide – instructions and marking guides (w/ mapping) to help your assessors make valid assessment judgements for RPL
  • RPL Candidate Guide – including welcome pack, RPL assessment workbook guide, authority to release form, RPL assessment candidate guide, and RPL candidate declaration and request form
  • RPL Assessment Mapping Tool – with every element and PC mapped to specific questions, submissions or reports in the RPL kit.

All documents are provided in digital format (Word & Excel documents) and can be customised to meet the needs of your learner cohort. You are also able to brand the CHC30213 RPL Kit with your logo.

As part of this Certificate III in Education Support RPL kit, you will receive RPL Assessment Workbook, RPL Assessor Guide, RPL Candidate Guide and RPL Assessment Mapping Tool for a full 10 units of competency. We have carefully pre-selected electives to deliver learning outcomes useful in a wide range of Education Support settings.

Core Units:

  • CHCECE006 – Support behaviour of children and young people
  • CHCEDS001 – Comply with legislative, policy and industrial requirements in the education environment
  • CHCEDS002 – Assist implementation of planned educational programs
  • CHCEDS003 – Contribute to student education in all developmental domains
  • CHCEDS004 – Contribute to organisation and management of classroom or centre
  • CHCEDS005 – Support the development of literacy and oral language skills
  • CHCEDS006 – Support the development of numeracy skills
  • CHCEDS007 – Work effectively with students and colleagues
  • CHCEDS017 – Contribute to the health and safety of students
  • CHCEDS018 – Support students with additional needs in the classroom environment
  • CHCDIV001 – Work with diverse people
  • CHCDIV002^ – Promote Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultural safety

Elective Units:

  • CHCDIS007 – Facilitate the empowerment of people with disability
  • CHCEDS011 – Search and assess online information
  • CHCEDS016 – Support learning for students with disabilities in a classroom environment
  • CHCEDS025 – Facilitate learning for students with disabilities
  • HLTWHS001 – Participate in work health and safety

^ CHCDIV002 requires additional setup for full compliance. See assessment requirements here.

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