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RII30920 Certificate III in Civil Construction (General) Vocational Placement Kit

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RII30920 Vocational Placement Kit

Ensure you meet compliance obligations and minimise legal risk with this high-quality RII30920 vocational placement kit for sale. This kit is designed to seamlessly assist you in setting up vocational placements as an essential component of your students’ training.

Your RII30920 vocational placement kit comes in an editable digital format to give you total control over your resources: customise, contextualise, or modify your training materials according to your standards. Also, train as many students as possible with the unlimited student licence. Stop worrying about ongoing fees and recoup your investment in the long run!

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Resource Details

RII30920 Vocational Placement Kit for Sale

Our comprehensive vocational placement kits provide guidance on fulfilling compliance requirements, minimising risk, and ensuring the necessary support and supervision is provided during placements.

This vocational placement kit includes:

  • Work Placement Kit – a valuable resource for RTOs to assess practical skills and components in a simulated or real workplace setting.

Streamline the process of setting up vocational placements and fulfilling your duties as an RTO with our comprehensive RII30920 vocational placement kit for sale!

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