TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment - Learner Guides Only

Get the learner guides only learning resource package for your TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment course! These RTO training resources will help you deliver quality training for this qualification.

TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment – Learner Guides Only

Your new Certificate IV in Training and Assessment learning resources from Compliant Learning Resources have been designed so you can deliver critically needed, high-quality Training Assessment training to your students. In this RTO training package, you will receive learner guide training resources for the Certificate IV Training Assessment qualification.

These TAE40116 learner guide resources have been designed for use in Australian Registered Training Organisations. Order these RTO training resources now and help your students gain valuable skills to find work and develop their career in the Training Assessment industry!

Our vocational training resources follow Australian VET industry best practice and our assessment tools are mapped to all unit criteria, giving you peace of mind to deliver your course with quality RTO materials and learning resources. This TAE40116 learner guide package has been written in a clustered format. Help your learners gain the latest industry knowledge with this premium training resource!

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment learner guides

Your Learner Guides package act as a textbook, and provides you with the course information and learning content for your students to study in order to complete assessment tasks and gain their qualification. These learning resources match the Assessment Tools packages available in our shop, and you have the option to purchase the matching Assessment Tools separately in the future when you are ready. The complete learning resource package, including Learner Guide and Assessment Tool materials, is also available in a discounted package. You also have the option to develop your own assessment tools to match these learning materials, or utilise a third party assessment resource of your choice.

This package includes RTO resources for 10 units of competency.

For more information about the Cert IV in Training and Assessment qualification, check the training.gov.au page here – TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment .

TAE40116 Learning Resources Design

This qualification is written in a clustered format, so multiple units of competency are combined into each workbook. Clustering can significantly reduce the workload required to complete this course by reducing the duplication of learning and assessment tasks. This means your students can potentially progress faster and complete the qualification sooner, reduce the assessment workload on your trainers, and overall save you money on delivery and assessment while still achieveing the required learning outcomes.

Simulated Online Workplace

These VET learning resources are supported by a simulated online workplace. This workplace is an online intranet site your students can use to access to get all the “workplace” resources they need (including policies & procedures, templates, case studies, simulated client files and more) to complete assessments. This allows you to deliver training to people between employment opportunities (increasing your potential student market) and makes the course significantly easier for students with a job to complete too.

The Simulated Online Workplace makes it considerably easier for your students to find all the workplace resources they need and ensures they don’t have problems accessing materials required for assessment (for example, students often can’t access and give your trainers workplace or client files because of privacy and confidentiality considerations).

You will get 1 simluated business account that will work for all your students. Access to the simulated workplace is included in your license fee and no ongoing fees apply.

Unlimited Student License

These RTO training materials are provided with an unlimited student license, so you can deliver and assess vocational training to as many students as you want with these learning resources. Your Certificate IV Training Assessment RTO materials will be delivered in “soft copy” digital format, so you can easily upload them to your Learning Management System, and distribute to your students digitally. You also have the option to print hard copy versions of the training resources for your students.

Developer, Licensing and Support

This is learning resource was written and is maintained by Compliant Learning Resources. Licensing and support for these materials will be provided by Compliant Learning Resources.

TAE40116 Samples

Please enquire now using the form to receive a free info pack with more information and samples of the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment  RTO materials.

TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Learning Resources Package Includes 10 Units of Competency!

As part of this Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Learning and Assessment Resource package, you will receive learner guides for a full 10 units of competency. We have carefully pre-selected electives to deliver learning outcomes useful in a wide range of Training and Assessment settings.

TAE40116 Core Units:

TAE40116 Elective Units:

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