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Get the latest HLTWHS001 Participate in workplace health and safety RTO training resources from a recognised leader in RTO training resource publishing!

This RTO training material has been carefully developed by subject matter experts, validated by industry experts, and has undergone comprehensive quality control and compliance assurance processes.

This premium RTO training material includes quality and compliance features that Registered Training Organisations require to meet your strict compliance obligations.

Your HLTWHS001 RTO materials come with these benefits:

  • PowerPoint Presentations – designed around individual delivery sessions, these include pictures, topic headings and key content notes for each topic
  • Session Plans – essential for helping trainers deliver effective, engaging training delivery plans for webinars and in the classroom

With these additional RTO training materials, your Registered Training Organisation is now equipped to deliver skilled graduates who are qualified to do the job from day one!

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HLTWHS001 Participate in workplace health and safety RTO Materials

Get the latest training materials add ons for your HLTWHS001 and start delivering high-quality training designed by industry and subject matter experts. This training materials provide you with additional support for training while ensuring your full compliance with Australian Registered Training Organisation requirements.

The HLTWHS001 comes with an unlimited student license. This allows you to train as many students as you want with a single purchase! Our RTO training materials can be simultaneously used by several students, letting you enjoy faster ROIs without worrying about additional license purchases!

Our HLTWHS001 training resource gives you the additional materials required to deliver the best learning experience for your students.

With this RTO training resource add-on, you’ll receive a complete set of additional documents to support your validation process and simplify your audit.

Comprehensive, Robust Development Process

Each resource for your HLTWHS001 materials package has been created through a comprehensive development process to create a training resource support documents that meet the best Australian Registered Training Organisation practices.

The RTO training materials development process involves 4 major steps. The first step is the recruitment of subject matter experts to ensure the content is workplace relevant, correct and current to industry needs. These professionals then create a detailed project plan clear structure for how the requirements of the units and qualification will be addressed, incorporating industry feedback on assessment methods and the course content.

Consultation is done throughout development with industry experts, VET experts, and trainers and assessors – ensures assessment tools are current and relevant to the industry, and all assessments are conducted in a way that is fair, flexible, valid and reliable.

The RTO learner resources are validated, and quality checked by a team of experienced, VET-industry expert professionals. This includes many ISO9001 certified lead auditors with extensive VET-industry experience who have worked with industry regulators, including ASQA.

Unlimited Student License

Your new HLTWHS001 Participate in workplace health and safety training material add-ons are provided with an unlimited student license for just a one-off upfront investment in training and assessment supporting materials!

This means once you receive your materials, you are free to use these to deliver and assess training to as many students as you want within your RTO with no ongoing fees or resource costs!

This unlimited student license also applies to all RTO materials included with this package, meaning you get these training resources in digital format. Your RTO will NOT be stuck paying expensive per-student fees for hard copy textbooks or printed documents.

PowerPoint Presentation

Your RTO training resources include PowerPoint presentations that assist you in delivering a targeted visual approach when teaching important concepts and theories. Each PowerPoint presentation has been designed around delivery sessions, with topic headings and key content relating to each topic.

These PowerPoints have also been mapped to the training package requirements, so you can demonstrate that this has been covered in your training delivery. A mapping document is supplied with the PowerPoint, so you can demonstrate this for compliance if required.

Session Plans

The HLTWHS001 include session plans designed to support your trainers deliver an effective, engaging and quality course in the classroom. You can also customise these session plans to create different contexts and delivery modes according to the desired learning outcome.

Brand-able, Contextualisable Training Materials

The materials are delivered in a digital format, giving you the flexibility to contextualise learning materials and assessment tools to fit the needs of your learners.

Current, Quality Learning Content

Our HLTWHS001 Participate in workplace health and safety resource package will provide you with great RTO materials developed by Subject Matter Experts and validated by industry experts to ensure your course content is update-to-date, relevant to industry, and uses language appropriate for your learners meaning you can deliver skilled graduates who are ready to do the job from day one.

These training resources add-ons are designed to help your RTO deliver skilled graduates equipped with the latest industry training practices, which makes them highly desirable employees that are ready to “do the job” from day one!

HLTWHS001 Samples

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The HLTWHS001 RTO materials package from CAQA Resources includes one unit, HLTWHS001 Participate in workplace health and safety. There are many more units available in this catalogue, so please contact us for more information and a customised quote on your training resources package.

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