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Brain Friendly Training with Laurie Kelly: Master Trainer Video Series

We’ve partnered with Laurie Kelly to give your RTO FULL, unlimited access to his world-class Brain Friendly Training series. Now you can get ALL the lessons from his famous workshop in video format for a one-off upfront fee and integrate this content into your courses or LMS. This video series is a great resource for both your trainers and Certificate IV Training and Assessment students, or students in any other facilitation related unit or qualification. They will learn Laurie Kelly’s brain friendly teaching methods and techniques that will excite, engage and empower your students, and help them increase knowledge retention. 


Get FULL access to the video series



Help your students learn better and increase your RTO’s completion rate. Check out Laurie Kelly’s new video series, Learning HOW to Learn – The Easy Way. 

Intro – BFT “Master Trainer Series” Videos from Brain Friendly Training on Vimeo.

Why You Should Get This Brain Friendly Training Video Series: 

  • It’s a rare opportunity for RTOs to gain COMPLETE access to this highly sought-after training by Laurie Kelly. It’s a ONE-TIME PURCHASE, meaning you’ll get ALL the video lessons in the series and you’ll get massive savings for your RTO. 
  • Get a Return On your Investment (ROI) and offer it as an additional training resource for your Certificate IV Training and Assessment students. 
  • It’s an excellent tool to help your training staff enhance their skills. Your trainers will learn new RTO training ideas that keep the learners’ brain in mind. 
  • The teaching methods and techniques that Laurie Kelly shares are timeless and can be used on any training content or topics. 
  • They can also be used as “stimulus starters” for team meetings that encourage all team members to share their ideas in creating tailored RTO training content based on your organisation’s needs. 
  • These videos will help renew your trainers’ passion for training with a fun, innovative, and brain-friendly approach to teaching. Consequently, engaged and satisfied students will speak highly of your trainers providing “word of mouth” referrals for your RTO.   
  • It’ll also help your trainers to keep their students engaged in their education and achieve positive learning outcomes. 

What’s Included? 

  • Instant access to all of Laurie Kelly’s 96 exclusive videos, consisting of: 
  • 48 personal development videos that teach facilitation techniques and help trainers deliver RTO training that “sticks” 
  • 48 additional videos on how to implement the strategies in the online environment 
  • Ready-to-use, practical learning activities in each video 
  • One-time purchase for the entire video series. Feel free to upload them to your own LMS to be accessed by all your trainers and Certificate IV Training and Assessment students.  
  • ½ day webinar for RTOs 

brain friendly training face to face

Who is this brain friendly training video series for? 

The Master Trainer Series is great for RTOs that: 

  • Want to deliver innovative and meaningful training that makes an impact on students. 
  • Struggle to bring all staff together for face-to-face professional development workshops. 
  • Struggle with the abrupt switch to online training delivery due to the pandemic. 
  • Offering Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. This video series can be used as an additional RTO training resource for students.  

What Your Trainers & Certificate IV Training and Assessment Students Will Learn: 

  • Critical techniques for every training situation 
  • How to create powerful lesson overviews 
  • How to teach using all the senses to keep students engaged and maximise learning 
  • How to deliver lessons that engage every part of the learners’ brain 
  • A range of strategies and activities to keep students awake, focused and energised 
  • How to unlock every student’s potential to learn 
  • How to use sounds, words, visuals, and movement to implement a “whole body” learning experience 
  • Powerful ways to spark learners’ curiosity 
  • How to design and deliver lessons that are relevant and useful 
  • How to improve the learning environment and the instructors’ teaching methods and techniques to increase students’ knowledge retention 
  • How to improve classroom management and presentation skills 
  • How to schedule revisions 


Course Overview: 

Module 1 – Understanding Different Learners  

A-1.1V – Visual Overview – 5:36 mins 

B-1.1V – VAKT Part 1 – 8:55 mins 

B-2.1V – Memory Challenge – 10:11 mins 

B-3.1V – VAKT Part 2. Round Robin – 7:22 mins 

C-4.1V – Flipped Classroom – 8:04 mins 

D-3.1V – Left & Right Brain – 12:15 mins 

D-4.1V – Global Learners – 4:03 mins 

H-5.1V – How to Study – 12:49 mins 

Module 2 – Learner Engagement 

A-1.1V – Visual Overview – 5:36 mins 

C-1.1V – Early Engagement Part 1 – 9:30 mins 

C-2.1V – Early Engagement Part 2 – 8:46 mins 

C-3.1V – Keeping it Real Part 1 – 6:37 mins 

D-1.1V – Keeping it Real Part 2 – Doing v Consuming – 7:36 mins 

F-4.1V – Universal Experiences – 7:27 mins 

F-5.1V – Conscious Convincers – 8:59 mins 

Module 3 – Developing Successful Learners 

B-4.1V – Unlocking the Brains Potential – 5:50 mins 

A-2.1V – Are Your Learners In A State Ready To Learn? – 6:28 mins 

G-1.1V – Influencing State with Auditory Activities – 7:29 mins 

G-2.1V – Influencing State with Visual Activities – 6:21 mins 

G-3.1V – Influencing State with Kinesthetic Activities K’s – 5:39 mins 

G-4.1V – Influencing State with Tactile Activities – 5:23 mins 

H-1.1V – Use Language to Influence – 2:40 mins 

H-2.1V – Embedded Commands – 4:07 mins 

Module 4 – Exciting Learner Environments 

F-2.1V – Expect the unexpected – 9:11 mins 

A-4.1V – Masking Tape – great training tool – 7:41 mins 

F-3.1V – Prior Knowledge – 6:23 mins 

A-3.1V – Using Playing Cards – 6:35 mins 

D-2.1V – Keeping it Real Part 3 – 5:26 mins 

H-3.1V – Revisions Part 1 – 9:35 mins 

H-4.1V – Revisions Part 2 – 8:50 mins 

I-1.1V – Rich and Multi-Sensory – 11:47 mins 

F-1.1V – Caution when using Power Point – 8:47 mins 

Module 5 – Managing the Training Environment 

E-1.1V – Managing the Room – 7:14 mins 

E-2.1V – Managing Time – 8:32 mins 

E-3.1V – Managing Nerves – 9:58 mins 

E-4.1V – Building Inner Strength – 10:55 mins 

I-2.1V – Minimize Learners Anxiety Part 1 – 6:56 mins 

I-3.1V – Minimizing Learners Anxiety Part 2 – 6:53 mins 

J-1.1V – Managing groups – 7:24 mins 

J-2.1V – Difficult Learners Part 1 – 4:27 mins 

J-3.1V – Difficult Learners Part 2 – 9:34 mins 

J-4.1V – Feedback – 5:38 mins 

+ 48 complementary videos focusing online RTO training delivery.