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Learning HOW to Learn – The Easy Way

Get FULL, unlimited access to Laurie Kelly’s new video series at a specially reduced price. Pay only ONCE to get ALL the video lessons and upload to your own LMS and integrate into your courses. Offer them as a supplementary “learning how to learn” resource to students so they can acquire essential study skills & complete their training with your RTO. Hit two birds with one stone with this video series — help fulfil your RTO obligation under Guideline 1.7 of the Standards for RTOs, and potentially increase your RTO’s completion rate.


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Why You Should Get Learning HOW to Learn – The Easy Way:

  • Get massive savings for this fantastic video course. Pay only ONCE and get FULL access to ALL the video lessons.
  • It offers a massive upsell for your students. Upload the entire video series to your own LMS and offer them as a supplementary resource to students so you can get a Return On your Investment (ROI).
  • The video lessons will help you fulfil your RTO obligations under Guideline 1.7 of the Standards for RTOs.
  • It can also help improve your RTO’s completion rate by giving your students the ability to study more effectively, stay engaged in their education, thus complete their training with you.
  • Laurie Kelly’s studying techniques are applicable for both face-to-face and online learning. Your students will learn research-based and proven effective study tips, especially those who struggle with online learning.

What’s Included?

This video series includes:

  • 14 short, to the point, and relevant video lessons (10 – 15 minutes long) on different learning techniques and strategies, and effective study tips for an engaged learning experience.
  • Additional videos containing practical activities and actions that build mental resilience, reinforce and enhance learning skills.
  • Other support materials/ resources for in-depth understanding of the concepts presented.
  • One-time purchase for the entire video series. You can upload to your own LMS and offer to students as additional learning resources.

Who is this video series for?

The Learning HOW To Learn video series is primarily for students who want to get the most out of their VET studies.

What Your Students Will Learn:

  • The learning preferences and perceptual styles that work best for them
  • How to reframe the learning mindset to achieve learning success
  • Proven and effective study tips, techniques and strategies to maximise learning
  • Techniques to activate the “curious state” for maximum learning
  • How to take fun, effective, and memorable class notes
  • How to effectively use time to your benefit
  • Revision strategies for long-term information retention
  • Proven techniques and strategies to maximise learning
  • How to build mental fitness for when sheer willpower fails them
  • Peak Performance Techniques and Sports visualisation to enhance learning
  • How to effectively deal with and reduce anxiety

Course Overview:

Video 1: Introduction Video

Laurie Kelly gives an overview of the entire video series. He sets the expectations and lays out what your students will learn from each video in the series, so they’ll learn how to get the most out of studying and study the easy way.

Video 2: Each of Us is Unique   

Once your students understand how unique they are, they’ll be unstoppable at learning anything. In this lesson, Laurie teaches how to identify learning preferences and perceptual style. He also gives over 14 effective study tips for all the different learning styles that help facilitate learning for students.

Video 3: Making Sense of Your School Experience  

Studying requires the use of all our skills, and being aware of how to engage our brain best helps set ourselves up for success. In this video, Laurie looks at the left and right brain tendencies and how they function when we study. He also discusses how our experience at school either helped or hindered our learning capabilities.

Video 4: Doing It Your Way    

Laurie provides in-depth knowledge about emotional, sociological, physiological and psychological preferences that can influence learning for students.

Video 5: Old Thinking Can Propel Us Forward or Hold Us Back   

Our belief systems have a significant impact on our ability to absorb knowledge. In this video, Laurie analyses what happens in the brain and talks about how students can reframe their mindset to achieve learning success.

Video 6: Setting Yourself Up for Success 

Learning success comes when students can retain information over long period of time and retrieve them at will. Laurie shares a series of powerful techniques to get students in a “curious state,” enabling them to absorb information and retain them in the brain for the long term.

Video 7: Note Taking with the Brain in Mind  

Did you know that there is more than one way to take notes? Laurie reveals a strategy in taking fun, effective and memorable notes by properly engaging the brain and incorporating one’s own personal learning style.

Video 8: Mastering Time to Work for Us 

Time can be your best friend or best saboteur. That’s why in this lesson, Laurie teaches how to train the brain to use time in ways the benefits students and allow them to get the most out of their study time. 

Video 9: Revision and Long-term Retention

Knowing how to study isn’t enough. It’s also important to understand how to retain information in the brain for long periods and retrieve them at will. So, in this lesson, Laurie analyses how the brain works during revisions, exams and when we recall information. He also provides proven revision strategies and effective study tips that boost the long-term knowledge retention rate to 87% – 90%.

Video 10: Assignments on Time and on Purpose 

This lesson takes the stress out of any writing assignment. Laurie shares some practical ways to help students get to their assignment on purpose and turn them in on time.

Video 11: When Will Power is Not Enough

Ever heard of “study fitness”? Laurie talks about simple things students can do to build mental fitness to keep them going even when willpower fails them.

Video 12: What Top Students Do and Visualisation 

Laurie talks about what top students do and how IQ alone isn’t enough to succeed. He also shares what truly drives learning success and how your students can set themselves up for it.

Video 13: The Skill of Sport Visualisation with Study – Peak Performance 

Laurie explores peak performance techniques and sports visualisation and discusses how they can enhance learning

Video 14: Beating Anxiety in the Learning Environment – Clearing the Head  

In this last video, Laurie analyses what happens in the brain when we have anxiety and shares tips on reducing it naturally. He emphasises the importance of being in the present moment and how it dramatically impacts learning.