About Us

Compliant Learning Resources is Australia's leading vocational training and assessment resource providers, specialising in creating training and assessment tools for all Australian qualification levels. Compliant's RTO training resources and assessment tools are now used in Universities, RTOs and TAFEs across Australia, to deliver premium training services. Get our quality RTO training materials today, and discover the Compliant Learning Resource difference!

Why Buy Compliant Learning Resources?

Compliant Learning Resources was born out of a critical need for quality training and assessment resources for the vocational education and training sector. Compliant’s directors found that most ‘off the shelf’ options available were poorly designed, full of gaps, did not adequately address assessment criteria, and were hard to use for trainers and students alike. It was this passion to deliver high-quality RTO training materials, that led to the creation of Compliant Learning Resources.

Our extensive and comprehensive development process ensures you receive a compliant training product:

  • Fully mapped learning resources, written against the training package standards to ensure nothing is missed
  • Best practice design, in line with the latest standards for development of VET training materials
  • SME consultation throughout the development process
  • Multiple rounds of validation during development to find and fix gaps before release
  • Comprehensive assessment tool benchmarks – to help you maintain consistent assessment practices within your training team, and over time
  • Where appropriate, clustering similar units to massively reduce your training and assessment workloads, and help your students finish their training sooner

Compliant Learning has now created and transitioned 26+ training and assessment resources, with more under development. With feedback from multiple ASQA audits, we have continued to refine and improve our development process to ensure each new resource is better than the last. We have also continually improved and updated our existing products, so we can provide you with the best resource and offer our audit rectification assistance guarantee with confidence.

This means you do not need to invest the hundreds of thousands of dollars and months of development time required to create & maintain your own training resources anymore. Compliant Resources are affordable, designed to be compliant and ready to use ‘off the shelf’ now. Get premium learning and assessment materials for just a fraction of the development cost, and we will also continue to support you with updates, enhancements and new releases for the life of the training package under our optional 12-month licensing model.

Click the link and fill in the form to get the compliant training and assessment materials your RTO needs, right now!

Choose from our range of resources for Certificate and Diploma qualifications from the CHC, CPC, FNS, BSB and TAE training packages now. We regularly develop new training resources, and update existing ones, so contact us now for the latest updates. You can also take advantage of our custom course development services to get your own unique learning resources developed to your requirements by our team of experienced instructional designers!