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Get ready to take your students’ learning experience to the next level with Compliant Learning Resources’ Vocational Education and Training RTO resources from the TAE training package! Our excellent training resources are developed with consultations from industry experts, ensuring your students have the resources they need to excel in the training and education industry.

With a broad selection of qualifications and units of competency available, our comprehensive RTO training materials cater to a wide range of training needs.

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Diploma Vocational Education and Training
Unlimited Student Use License as part of the RTO training package features

Unlimited Student Use Licence

Assessment Tools For Your Learners included in the RTO training package features

Quality Guaranteed

Assessor Guide with Benchmark Answers - included in the RTO training package features

Editable Digital Format

Structured Learner Resources - included in the RTO training package features

Simulated Business

Provide Unparalleled Training with Compliant Learning Resources

Help your TAE learners master the essential skills and knowledge for vocational education and training with our outstanding RTO materials! Our premium RTO learning materials have been carefully crafted to provide your learners with everything they need to excel in the VET industry. With comprehensive coverage of key topics such as designing and developing training and assessment strategies, evaluating training, and more, our RTO materials are the perfect choice for boosting your TAE training.

What Your New Vocational Education and Training RTO Materials Will Include

Our RTO training resources are the result of a meticulous development and quality assurance process, ensuring that you receive nothing but the best.

Comprehensive resources featuring:

  • Our resources are available in an editable digital format, allowing you to easily contextualise and modify them to meet your students’ and RTO’s needs.
  • Simulated business sites with templates, documents, and role-play scenarios to help learners complete tasks and prepare for real-world situations with accessible websites.
  • Our learning resources feature well-researched information and practice activities to help produce industry-ready graduates.
  • Our assessment tools include various assessment methods, clear benchmarks, and supplementary documents to help assessors gauge student knowledge effectively and help learners showcase their skills.
  • We provide extensive mapping documents detailing how unit and assessment requirements are met in our assessment tools, ensuring that you can prove where all requirements are met.
  • With our unlimited student licence, you can train as many students as possible without incurring additional costs.
  • Optional e-Learning resources with interactive features such as clickable content, narrated course content, and end-of-chapter quizzes to help students retain knowledge better.
  • Our record of assessments helps assessors confirm and sign off on students’ completion of evaluations, ensuring compliance and accuracy in your training delivery.

Enhance Your Training with Our Vocational Education and Training RTO Materials

Equip your TAE students with the knowledge and practical skills they need to excel in the VET industry. Our training resources are regularly updated to ensure they align with the latest industry standards and practices, making your students job-ready upon completing their studies.

Contact us today to learn more about our premium Vocational Education and Training RTO resources, and we’ll be happy to provide you with free samples, pricing details, and more!

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