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Quality Event Management RTO Resources to Purchase

Are you searching for comprehensive and effective RTO training resources to help your students succeed in the Event Management industry? Our top-tier Event Management RTO resources from the SIT training package cover a range of qualifications and units of competency. They have incredible tools and features, giving you everything you need to deliver outstanding training. 

Our catalogue offers a wide variety of RTO learning materials that you can modify to meet your specific training requirements. Browse through our collection of Events RTO materials to find the ideal match for your students’ training requirements. 

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Unlimited Student Use License as part of the RTO training package features

Unlimited Student Use Licence

Assessor Guide with Benchmark Answers - included in the RTO training package features

Editable Digital Format

Structured Learner Resources - included in the RTO training package features

Simulated Business

Enhance Your Event Management Training with Compliant Learning Resources

Our collection of Event Management RTO resources covers various topics, such as event planning, promotion, execution, and managing finances. These training resources aim to equip your students with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the industry. They are meticulously designed to comply with industry standards and undergo strict quality assurance to ensure accuracy and relevance. 

What Our Events RTO Materials Have to Offer

Having the most current and relevant RTO training materials is essential for effective learning. That’s why we regularly update our RTO resources to align with industry standards and regulations. We also value your feedback and use it to improve our training resources. Best of all, these updates come at no extra cost, allowing you to keep your RTO materials up to date throughout the entire lifetime of the unit. 

Here’s what you can expect from our Events Management RTO resources:

  • Extensive learning resources filled with engaging content, practice exercises, and PowerPoint presentations to help your students gain a deeper understanding of the industry. 
  • Quality assessment tools with various assessment methods so your learners can effectively showcase their skills and knowledge. 
  • Detailed mapping documents that ensure all assessment activities, learner resources, and PowerPoint presentations are aligned with the applicable unit requirements. 
  • Record of assessments so your assessors can confirm and sign off on students’ completion of evaluations. 
  • Editable digital format that allows you to contextualise and customise your training resources to suit your needs. 
  • Unlimited student licence, enabling you to train as many students as you can to recover your investment quickly. 
  • Optional e-Learning resources with interactive elements, audio narration, and self-marking quizzes that enhance student learning experience. 
  • Simulated business websites that offer various workplace documents, templates, and role-play scenarios to support students as they complete their activities. 

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With our comprehensive Events RTO materials for sale, your students will gain a deep understanding of event planning, from initial concept development to execution and evaluation. Empower your students with the best Event Management RTO resources made explicitly for Australian RTOs.  

Explore our catalogue of quality RTO training materials and contact us through the form for free samples, pricing details, info packs, and more!  

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