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Compliant Learning Resources offers a huge and growing range of e-learning training resources for the Australian VET sector.

If you already have your own Learning Management System (LMS) you can get our interactive multimedia online VET resources in SCORM format to match our digital assessments, which can be installed directly into your own LMS.

If you don’t have your own LMS, we offer a full, ready to go LMS solution through our partner, eSkilled. They can set you up with your own branded instance which includes access to hundreds of units of competency! Check out the eSkilled E-Learning Resources Unit List.

Whichever model you choose, eSkilled’s e-learning training materials include:

  • Mix of audio narration and visual instructions to help students study their course
  • Interactive elements and learning activities
  • Desktop, mobile and tablet compatibility
  • Online learning resources broken into bite-sized sections to make learning more approachable for students

Check out a demo of the e-learning resources from eSkilled, one of the best publishers of online learning resources in Australia. Enquire now for more information and pricing!

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Bring Your Own Learning Management System

Get SCORM compliant e-learning resources ready to plug into your LMS! These e-learning training materials are supplied on an unlimited student license, with the option to further modify and contextualise the materials to suit your student cohort or industry needs.
The e-learning resources align with soft-copy assessment tools available from our range of publishers, so contact us about a complete e-learning resource and training materials solution today.
This model is perfect if you already run your own LMS and expect high student volumes in a small number of units. License e-learning resources for a one off upfront fee, then training unlimited students within your RTO!

Use eSkilled’s Learning Management System

This includes access to eSkilled’s entire suite of training and assessment materials, which already includes the most popular learning resources qualifications in Australia and will grow to include many hundreds of units and dozens of qualifications!
Simply enrol your students in any unit you want for a low per-student, per-unit fee – perfect to keep your upfront investment in online learning resources low and offer the maximum choice of courses & electives to your students.
eSkilled will create a customised student portal for your RTO & students to use – complete with your branding for a seamless student experience!
eSkilled also offers RTO training materials and support to help get you up to speed on the LMS features and functions so you and your team will be able to manage your students on the platform.

Enquire Now!

Enquire Now for more information and pricing for e-learning resources for your LMS! Or contact eSkilled directly for a complete LMS and e-learning resource solution.


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Enhance Your RTO with Australia's Top-Notch e-Learning Resources for the Best Training Experience!

Immerse your learners in a seamless training adventure that transcends boundaries. Elevate your organisation’s capabilities using these exceptional e-Learning training resources.
RTO instructor holding training resources
Compliant Learning Resources, in partnership with the leading e-Learning resources provider, eSkilled, presents an expansive and continuously expanding collection of e-Learning training resources tailored for the Australian VET sector. 

How Advanced e-Learning Resources for RTOs Can Revolutionise Your Training

Discover why eSkilled is the trusted choice for interactive top-notch and e-Learning training resources in Australia. eSkilled’s e-Learning resources and innovative features provide a seamless solution that saves time, money, and effort.

Extensive e-Learning Resources

Access over 970 nationally accredited training and e-Learning resources covering diverse subjects for comprehensive training solutions.

Plug-and-Play Ready

Effortlessly begin your e-Learning training delivery with ready-to-use materials—seamlessly integrating our RTO e-Learning resources. No LMS? Explore our eSkilled LMS option.

LMS Compatibility

Integrate interactive e-Learning training resources with any SCORM-compliant LMS—smooth transition to your preferred training platform.

Enhanced Learning Experiences

Engage students with interactive elements for a captivating learning journey, setting us apart from slide-based approaches.

Unlimited Student Licence

Pay a single upfront fee for unlimited student enrolment. Say goodbye to per-student costs and embrace growth.

Audio-Narrated Content

Empower diverse learners with audio-narrated e-Learning resources for RTOs, fostering inclusivity and enriching training experiences.

Explore our Vast Catalogue of Premium e-Learning Resources and RTO Training Materials

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Discover the eSkilled Difference: What Makes eSkilled e-Learning Resources and e-Learning Course Pack Add-On So Great

Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself how you can leverage eSkilled e-Learning resources and e-Learning course pack add-on for your RTO’s success.
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e-Learning Resources

  • eSkilled’s e-Learning resources are SCORM/HTML5 files, compatible with any SCORM compliant LMS.
  • One-off payment with no ongoing costs.
  • Designed to be used in tandem with the matching training resources.
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e-Learning Course Pack Add On

  • Part of the ‘e-Learning Course Pack Add-on,’ these courses are exclusively available in eSkilled LMS.  
  • Subscription model with low upfront costs.
  • Includes the e-Learning modules, learner guides, assessments, assessor guides, and workbooks.

Test Drive an e-Learning Unit to See for Yourself

Witness the excellence of e-Learning resources by eSkilled, a premier online learning resource publisher in Australia. Navigate at your own pace through the following CHC demo, or explore other e-Learning demos from the training package you’re after.

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BYO Learning Management System

eSkilled e-Learning resources use a SCORM/HTML5 format and are compatible with most popular learning management systems.  

Leverage eSkilled's Learning Management System for RTO Success

Limited by your current learning management system or looking for a new LMS? eSkilled offers an all-in-one, seamlessly integrated student and learning management system built for Australian RTOs.
Explore the multi-award winning solution and find out how it can transform your RTO.  
RTO materials delivery

Access Compliance-Focused RTO Training Materials Enriched by eSkilled's e-Learning Excellence

Equip your learners with a comprehensive learning package that combines the credibility of Compliant Learning Resources’ training materials with the innovation of eSkilled’s e-Learning resources. Empower students to excel in their educational journey.

Together, we bring you a refined solution that blends compliance, engagement, and effectiveness.

Take the Next Step!

Enquire to receive detailed information and pricing about our e-learning resources for RTOs tailored to your LMS. For a comprehensive LMS and e-learning resource solution, don’t hesitate to get in touch directly with eSkilled.