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FNS RTO Training Materials: Accounting, Bookkeeping and Financial Services Training Resources

Secure Superb FNS RTO Materials to Enhance Your Financial Services Training Delivery

Elevate your training with premier FNS RTO learning materials from Compliant Learning Resources and produce fully- equipped students ready to succeed in their chosen financial fields.

Choose from Our Diverse Range of FNS RTO Training Materials

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Our FNS RTO resources align with industry standards, ensuring students are well-prepared for:


  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial Planning
  • Financial Services
  • Financial Literacy

And many more!

Unlimited Student Use License as part of the RTO training package features

Unlimited Student Use Licence

Assessment Tools

Quality Guaranteed


Editable and Brandable


Simulated Business Site

Choose Excellence, Choose Award-Winning FNS Training Materials

Put your trust in Compliant Learning Resources’s outstanding FNS resources to drive your RTO's success.
LearnX Awards
The Australian Business Awards 2023 ABA100® Winner for Training Innovation – Compliant Learning Resources

RTOs' Success Stories with Our Training Resources

Listen to RTOs just like you, purchase FNS RTO learning resources from one of the most trusted resource publishers in Australia.

Why Secure Financial Services (FNS) Materials from Us

FNS Materials

Empower your learners with the essential skills and knowledge to excel in the financial services industry and deliver outstanding training with our thoroughly researched FNS RTO training resources and reliable assessment tools.

Get These Useful Features and Tools with Our FNS Training Resources

Here’s what you can expect from our FNS RTO resources:


Optional FNS e-Learning resources with interactive elements for better training experience and student engagement.


Editable format to make contextualising and customising suitable for your students’ needs


Simulated business sites loaded with templates, documents, and role-play scenarios so your unemployed students can access work documents and complete workplace training activities without limitations.


Comprehensive learning resources filled with well-researched and relevant information to support effective training delivery.


Assessment tools utilising a range of knowledge-based and practical assessment methods, with detailed instructions, and supplementary documents to help students effectively demonstrate their knowledge and skills, and for assessors to efficiently evaluate students’ performance.


Detailed mapping documents that outline how unit requirements are met in our learner and assessment resources to aid in demonstrating compliance when being audited or undertaking validation. We also map to the learner guide AND PowerPoint to help you prove to auditors you are providing sufficient learning and instruction to complete the course.


Unlimited student licence to train as many students as you want for the lifetime of the units without incurring additional costs.


Record of assessments allowing assessors to confirm and sign off on the completion of assessments to the required standards.

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