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Vocational Placement Kits

Our RTO Support Resources include vocational placement kits to assist your RTO, and learners in finding a practical placement provider to demonstrate their skills in a workplace. Our Vocational Placement Kits contain a vocational placement agreement, as well as info packs for the learner, placement provider and the placement coordinator. Choose from our wonderful range of RTO Support Resources from the table below.

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Our RTO Resources Include:

Unlimited Student Use License as part of the RTO training package features

Unlimited Student Use Licence

Assessment Tools For Your Learners included in the RTO training package features

Assessment Tools For Your Learners

Assessor Guide with Benchmark Answers - included in the RTO training package features

Assessor Guide With Benchmark Answers

Assessment Tool Mapping Documents - included in the RTO training package features

Assessment Tool Mapping Documents

Structured Learner Resources - included in the RTO training package features

Structured Learner Resources

e-Learning Resources add-on in the RTO training package features

e-Learning Resources


Put your students’ knowledge to the test with our Vocational Placement Kits!

Several training package resources require a Vocational Placement wherein students get the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in a real professional workplace environment. We are sure that our all-encompassing Vocational Placement Kits will help your RTO in streamlining this process and be able to assist your learner cohorts every step of the way.

Among the kit’s inclusions are:

  • Vocational Placement Agreement – This important document clearly states the obligations of the student, Vocational Placement provider and RTO during the placement, and is also required to be signed by all parties.
  • Vocational Placement Coordinator Info – For the RT0’s VP Coordinator, this accompanying document includes Incident/Injury Report Forms which are helpful in organizing, supporting and documenting vocational placements.
  • Vocational Placement Provider Supervisor Info – Serves as a guide to processes, responsibilities, costs & benefits, liaising with the RTO, and other necessary information for the VP Provider/workplace supervisor, including Incident/Injury Report Forms.
  • Vocational Placement Student Info – Like all our RTO support materials, we make sure that students are guided in finding a placement, demonstrating skills during placement, their responsibilities, and other information including Incident/Injury Report Forms with this handy document.
  • Unlimited Student License – Your RTO doesn’t have to worry about ongoing student fees with this licensing model which also saves you thousands of dollars. All you need to focus on is broadening your student reach!