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Compliant Learning Resources is proud to offer high-quality training materials for RTOs in Australia. Our Sport, Fitness and Recreation course materials are designed to help your RTO deliver comprehensive training to your students. With a focus on industry-relevant skills and knowledge, our course materials are regularly updated to ensure that they reflect current industry practices in sport, fitness and recreation. 

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Get High-Quality Sport, Fitness and Recreation Course Materials for a Hassle-free Training Delivery

Invest in top-notch Sport, Fitness and Recreation course materials from Compliant Learning Resources and enjoy a seamless training delivery! Our RTO resources provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively provide specific services and programs in environments such as fitness centres, outdoor sporting grounds, or complexes and other sporting organisations. Our RTO training materials have undergone strict validation and quality assurance procedures, so you can simply focus on delivering great powerful training to your students. 

Unlimited Student Use License as part of the RTO training package features

Unlimited Student Use Licence

Assessment Tools For Your Learners included in the RTO training package features

Audit Rectification Guarantee

Assessor Guide with Benchmark Answers - included in the RTO training package features

Editable Digital Format

Structured Learner Resources - included in the RTO training package features

Simulated Business Sites

Award-Winning Development That Makes Our Sport, Fitness, and Recreation Training Resources Stand Out

Compliant Learning Resources’ commitment to providing high-quality SIS training resources has been recognised by the LearnX Foundation, awarding the company a Gold Award for its content curation. This award reflects the company’s dedication to developing comprehensive and up-to-date training materials that meet the needs of RTOs and their students. Our development procedures ensure that all our sport, fitness and recreation course materials undergo a rigorous validation and quality assurance process, making them incomparable to others in terms of quality and effectiveness. 

At Compliant Learning Resources, you’ll get these amazing features: 

  • Comprehensive learning resources – Trainers can save time and effort in preparation when they use course materials that are comprehensive and well-researched. Our learning resources include detailed learner guides, activity booklets, PowerPoint presentations, and other resources that are designed to provide effective training deliveries 
  • Assessment tools – Assessors can provide accurate and consistent evaluations without spending too much time 
  • All-inclusive Mapping documentsWe’ve developed comprehensive mapping tools for learner resources, PowerPoint presentations, and assessments so it’s easier for your RTO to create, adjust and contextualise lesson plans and prove compliance during regulatory audits.
  • Unlimited student licence – With a single upfront payment, you can train as many students as you want and not worry about recurring or renewal fees 
  • Editable digital format – All of our sport, fitness and recreation learning resources come in an editable digital format allowing RTOs to contextualise, customise, and rebrand their RTO training resources to suit their needs 
  • Optional e-Learning resources – Our RTO materials include optional e-Learning resources with interactive content, self-marking quizzes, and video lectures designed to enhance student engagement and provide a more interactive learning experience 
  • Simulated business websiteAvailable for select courses, provide hundreds of workplace documents including policies and procedures, staff handbooks, templates, case studies, and more, so your students can complete their course even without a workplace 
  • Audit rectification assistance guaranteeWe’ll rectify your sport, fitness and recreation course materials if there are any compliance issues found during an official regulatory audit 

Activate Your Training Delivery with the Best Sport, Fitness and Recreation Learning Resources Today!

With Compliant Learning Resources’ sport, fitness and recreation course materials, you can provide students with comprehensive, industry-relevant training. Our materials come with unique features that can support your RTO’s training delivery and ensure a pain-free auditing experience. 

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