Frequently Asked Questions


Do you provide free samples?

Yes, we can send you free samples of our training resources! Please fill out the form here and we’ll send them to you as soon as possible.

For more information about a specific training resource, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Call 1300 885 484 or send an email to We can provide you with customised quotes and a personalised walkthrough of our training materials, as well.


Are your training resources validated? 

Our resources are written to meet the unit requirements utilizing a wide range of appropriate assessment methods and validated by our team during development with benchmark answers.

Your trainers have a clear standard to assess against, important for consistent assessment judgements and your long-term compliance. We include incredibly detailed mapping on each task in the assessor guide, plus a master matrix to make validation and audit compliance much easier.


Can you guarantee compliance? 

In our experience of taking RTOs to audit, “compliance” is unfortunately subjective and changes according to the interpretations, expectations, and opinions of each auditor.

It’s impossible for us to guarantee compliance. What we can control is the underlying quality of our training resources. We do have a rectification assistance guarantee so if there is an issue with our assessment tools at audit.

You can find more information about this guarantee in our license agreements. Our rectification assistance guarantee only applies to training resources developed under the Compliant Learning Resources, TotalVET Training Resources, RTO Learning Materials, and Precision Group brands.

Our development team follows industry best practices and includes several quality assurances steps during the development process (such as multiple rounds of validation and Subject Matter Expert consultation) to produce the best quality resource we can. Our assessment processes have been continually refined for a decade now, based on personal and client feedback from taking materials to audit. We also extensively map our materials to the unit requirements.


How does your rectification assistance guarantee work? 

We provide rectification assistance if you encounter any issue with our training and assessment materials during an official audit. This guarantee applies to any resources developed by Compliant Learning Resources, TotalVET Training Resources, Precision Group (Australia), and RTO Learning Materials.

Note: Our rectification assistance guarantee applies to purchases of units in a COMPLETE PACKAGE of learner resource, students assessment workbook, trainer manual, assessor assessment book, and PowerPoint on the digital unlimited student licence model. We are NOT able to provide rectification for those who purchased a unit only.


Will the assessment meet audit? 

An independent quality consultant has edited our resources. We are confident they will meet audit requirements. However, every auditor has their interpretation of the standard for RTOs. We do provide a rectification assistance guarantee if you encounter any issue with our resources.


What is the process for claiming the audit rectification guarantee? 

You can claim your audit rectification by sending us an email to at least seven (7) days before an audit.

If you have trouble at audit due to assessment tools from Compliant Learning Resources, please get in touch by calling 1300 885 484 or email


What if my auditor still isn’t satisfied after rectification? 

Send us a copy of your audit report regarding our assessment tool, and we will complete rectifications accordingly free of charge. We do require a minimum of twenty (20) business days’ notice for this rectification.

If you need to meet a deadline, please send your audit report as soon as possible to make sure we have enough time to complete your rectification.


The link to my resources expired. How do I access my resources? 

We usually provide links to clients that can be accessed for a maximum of 7 days only due to security purposes. If you could not download all the materials within the given timeframe, you could request a new link to be re-sent to you. Call 1300 885 484 or send an email to



Where do I find my logins to the CLR simulated workplace(s)?

You may find your login credentials to the CLR simulated workplace(s) in the Welcome Pack(s) provided in your resources folder upon delivery of the digital resources. Your CLR simulated workplace could be any of the following depending on what is provided in your resources:

  • Awesome Landscape
  • Bigger Than Big Corporation
  • Lotus Compassionate Care
  • Sparkling Stars Childcare Centre
  • Accountability Now
  • Cascade Peak Primary School
  • Cascade Peak Performance Training Institute
  • Inspire Network (for TAE40116 only)

For more assistance, call 1300 885 484 or send an email to



Do I have to pay for my order in full? 

All orders should be paid in full before they can be sent out to you.


How do I pay for my order? 

We accept credit card, EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), and cheque payments. You can also directly order from our online store.

For credit cards, we are accepting Visa, Mastercard and AMEX. For EFT, bank transfers are most preferred.

Payments via credit card usually reflect faster in our accounts as compared to bank transfers.

We do not accept payments over the phone for security reasons.


What is your standard order process? 

After finalising your purchase with us, here is how your order journey will go: Invoice – It may take up to 1-2 business days for funds to clear to our account and finance to verify receipt of payment. When payment is confirmed, we will confirm any remaining details required before we send a license agreement for your signature.

License – after the payment verification, our team will send an invitation we will send you a link invitation to sign your digital license agreement/s after 1-2 business days. This is to confirm if you have read and agreed to all our terms and conditions before delivering the product/s. The sooner we receive your signature for the digital license agreement/s, the sooner that we can deliver your resources to you (except for pre-orders) as this would put you higher up in our delivery queue.

Delivery – We process orders on a “first come, first served” basis. The standard timeframe we have is 3-5 business days, depending on the volume of orders we have. Orders go into the delivery queue once payment and licensing have been finalized, and all required information received. Delays to those steps may result in your order taking longer to be processed and delivered. As for pre-order deliveries, this will depend on the estimated timeline of availability for certain resources.


When do you deliver pre-orders? 

This depends on the estimated timeline of availability. Please get in touch with us by calling 1300 885 484 or email for more information.



Can I get additional discounts if I order in bulk? 

If you purchase our resources during a sale, we cannot offer you further discounts. For purchases during non-sale periods, every discount is subject to the manager’s approval.

Do you have promos or sales? 

Yes, we have seasonal promos and other sales available all year round! Sign up for our email list so you can get notified every time we have a sale and never miss out on awesome deals.


I need a copy of my tax invoice. How can I claim this? 

Once you have confirmed your purchase with us, our team will send you a link to your invoice. When you click on that link, you may download a PDF file of your invoice, which would serve as your receipt.


My invoice has incorrect contact details/I want to add additional details to my invoice (e.g. file inclusions, unit inclusions, specific instructions, etc.). 

This information can be updated upon request and would usually take about 24-48 hours.  


My invoice says the incorrect amount, and I have already paid. How can this be amended?

Please inform our team as soon as possible when you notice this to have it updated to reflect the correct amount. The turnaround time for updating the amounts reflecting in the invoice is 48-72 hours. Call 1300 885 484 or send an email to



Do you offer refunds? 

Consistent with the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, Compliant Learning Resources is not required to provide you with a refund for:

  • Change of mind.
  • Misused a product.
  • Made aware of the faults of the product beforehand.
  • Altered or changed the materials against the advice of Compliant Learning Resources.

You are entitled to a refund if the resources you receive are:

  • Unsafe.
  • Significantly different from the description.
  • Does not do what is advertised.
  • What you asked for cannot be easily fixed.

We will repair the item within a reasonable time. You can also choose a replacement or refund.

Alternatively, you can choose to keep the item, and we will compensate you for any drop in value.

Please note that you must provide clear feedback about how you believe the product is deficient or defective (e.g. a validation report or references to specific pages, chapters, or tasks you think have a problem).

Call 1300 885 484 or send an email to Or visit our refunds policy page here.


Can I get free resource upgrades? 

Yes! We do offer free training resource updates to a new qualification or unit releases with minor changes. Our quality and compliance updates will consider auditor feedback and changes in legislation, regulation, and industry practices.

We don’t offer free updates for extensive or major release updates. We charge an upgrade fee to cover the rewriting cost. For existing clients, we sometimes provide a discounted upgrade price.

Our robust instructional design and quality control process ensures that you’ll continue to receive validated, high-quality training and assessment resources.



Will Compliant Learning Resources write and customise the materials for us? 

Yes! We are happy to produce training resource materials upon request, provided that it is in our area of expertise and the order is large enough to make it viable for the time invested by us. Please give us an appropriate amount of time available to research and write the document.



Can I remove copyright marks from the documents if I have purchased them in digital, editable format? 

Under all our resource licensing models, the copyright for the training resources remains with Compliant Learning Resources. You are free to rebrand the materials under this license type, but we do require our copyright acknowledgement to be kept on the inside cover of each document (the section titled “Copyright Notice”). We also need the mark “© Compliant Learning Resources” to be kept in the footer of each page.