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Check out our awesome interactive e-Learning content in the demo chapters below. Your students will love the narrated, interactive content, with click to reveal activities . Auto-marking quizzes ensure that your learners can work at their own pace and get instant feedback without consuming trainer time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can use your LMS or ours.

Each e-Learning Unit Features:

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Narrated Audio

User can choose to listen or read

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SCORM 1.2 format to load straight into YOUR LMS or OURS!

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Interactive Elements

Keep your learners engaged with the e-Learning content

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Self Marking Quiz for Each Chapter

Tests learner comprehension and allows an opportunity to revisit areas that need further revision

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e-Learning Structure

Each e-Learning resource is broken up into unit elements. These interactive online learning resources are presented as e-Learning chapters that your learners can work through at their own pace. If they need to stop mid-chapter, our intelligent learning management system (LMS) will remember where they left off, so they start back where they finished in the previous session. Every chapter finishes with an interactive quiz to test the learner’s comprehension and further cement their learning.

Editable Resources

Your e-Learning resources are supplied in editable format so you are able to make further modifications and customisations to the training materials yourself!

Add to Your LMS or Get Packaged in Ours!

You have the option to invest in our e-Learning resources for a one-off licence fee and add to your own or our LMS system – OR – you can get access to a huge catalogue of e-Learning resources as part of your eSkilled LMS subscription! 

HTML5/SCORM Compliant Format

When you licence e-Learning Resources on the one-off licence fee model, you will receive HTML5/SCORM compliant files that are compatible with a huge range of common LMS platforms. 

Get Matching Assessments

Matching assessment files are included when you subscribe to our all-inclusive e-Learning resource LMS platform. If you are investing in e-Learning resources on the one-off licence fee model, you can add matching assessment documents to your purchase or utilise your existing assessment files with our e-Learning materials.