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TAE Resources: Training and Education RTO Materials 

Explore Outstanding TAE Resources for the Training and Education Training Package!

At Compliant Learning Resources, we proudly offer a diverse array of training resources tailored to the training and education RTO training package. We design these resources to empower your registered training organisation (RTO) in delivering top-notch education.

We carefully craft our comprehensive range of TAE RTO resources to support your RTO’s mission of providing outstanding education to students interested in the vocational education and training industry.

For a complete list of our TAE training resources, please see below:


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Code Name
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and Assessment Tools
Certificate IV Training and Assessment
Diploma of Vocational Education and Training and Assessment Tools
Diploma Vocational Education and Training
Diploma of Training Design and Development and Assessment Tools
Plan assessment activities and processes
Assess competence
Participate in assessment validation
Assess competence in an online environment
Assess competence
Participate in assessment validation
Design and develop assessment tools
Lead assessment
Design and develop assessment tools
Lead assessment moderation and validation processes
Develop and implement plans for recognition of prior learning
Provide work skill instruction
Plan, organise and deliver group-based learning
Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace
Mentor in the workplace
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Check Our Catalogue for TAE RTO Training Resources

Browse through our extensive selection of training and education RTO learning materials designed to augment your RTO’s capacity to meet the dynamic demands of students. Our TAE RTO training resources cover a broad spectrum of qualifications and competency units, including:


  • Assessing Competence
  • Participating in Assessment Validation
  • Designing and Developing Assessment Tools
  • Leading Assessment
  • Overseeing Assessment Moderation and Validation Processes

And many more!

Compliant Learning Resources: Setting the Standard in TAE RTO Training Materials

Rest assured that when you choose Compliant Learning Resources, you opt for excellence in TAE materials. Our collection of awards, accolades, and satisfied customer reviews speaks volumes about our commitment to delivering professional training and assessment RTO materials.

LearnX Awards
The Australian Business Awards 2023 ABA100® Winner for Training Innovation – Compliant Learning Resources

Nurture Student Development with Comprehensive Training Materials

Learning Activity Booklet

Our TAE training materials are meticulously developed to meet and exceed compliance standards while staying current with industry developments. When you utilise our TAE RTO materials, you can be confident that your RTO will have the essential training and assessment resources needed to ensure student success.

Feature-Rich TAE RTO Learning Materials for Sale

We’ve carefully crafted our TAE training resources to align with industry standards and meet the diverse needs of students. By partnering with Compliant Learning Resources, your RTO will gain access to learning and assessment materials that offer features such as:


Unlimited student licences: Train as many students as needed without incurring additional costs.


Comprehensive learner guides: Enhance RTO training and assessment through practical exercises, formative assessments, and dynamic PowerPoint presentations.


Detailed assessment tools: Maintain assessor evaluation accuracy and standardisation with benchmark answers within the assessment guides, along with an assessment workbook instructing students on producing adequate responses.


Mapping matrix: Offer a clear view of how our learner and assessment resources align with unit requirements, simplifying the compliance process.


Editable digital format: Customise your resources to meet the unique needs of your students and contextualise learning outcomes.


Simulated business website: Offer real-world context and support to students, even those without work experience.


Optional matching e-Learning resources: Elevate student engagement and retention through our online platform, featuring interactive content, self-assessment quizzes, and clickable elements.


Record of assessment: Simplify the tracking and confirmation of completed student assessments.

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