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Create Interactive Courses in Minutes With AI Course Creator

AI Course Creator allows you to create personalised, interactive courses 100x times faster. You no longer need large budgets, sizable L&D teams, and lengthy timelines to create engaging, high-quality courses. AI Course Creator will transform your training delivery, saving you considerable time, money, and effort starting at just $89 AUD per month.
Create Faster, Better, More Dynamic Courses

Innovative Course Building Methods

Flexible Course Creation: Users can create courses using three versatile methods:
Icon - Speedy AI
AI Course Creation Wizard
Generate personalised, interactive courses in minutes. The Wizard guides users through five simple steps to create training. The AI-generated content is easy to edit at any time using drag-and-drop functionality.
Icon - DIY Course Build
Manual Course Build
Manually create interactive online courses using the drag-and-drop builder.
Icon - Create from Document
Convert From Document (COMING SOON)
Create training from existing documents or materials (e.g., PDFs, presentations). An ideal solution for creating training on business IP that AI is unlikely to know.
Use the AI course builder to generate your course in a matter of minutes, which you can easily further customise. Build your own course from scratch with straightforward drag-and-drop elements, or generate a course from content in a document.
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Enhance Accessibility with AI Audio Narration

Due to prohibitive cost and time, audio narration is often not an option, which makes training less accessible to those with visual impairment or LLN needs. Enrich the learning experience and make training more accessible. Choose from various narration voices with this feature coming soon.

Effortless Content Elaboration and Contextual Relevance

AI-Powered Content Editing: Easily develop accurate, high-quality training on unfamiliar subjects and contextualise courses with highly relevant content using the AI Assistant. Features include:
Expand Text
Use AI to elaborate on the selected text.
Bullet Point Text
Summarise selected text into concise bullet points.
Summarise Text
Generate a summarised version of the selected text.
Add Practical Examples
Provide realistic examples aligned with the text.
Add Case Study
Include relevant “real-world” case studies.
Add Scenario
Align with the course context.
Create Document Example
Based on the text content.
Enrich your training and reinforce key concepts with complementary case studies, practical examples, and scenarios. The straightforward drag-and-drop editor allows you to easily navigate and edit your course.

Interactive and Engaging Learning Elements

AI Assistant for Quick Course Edits
Boost Learner Engagement: Provide a modern, online training experience that delights your learners. Features include:
  • Easily Add Multimedia
  • Add Interactive Elements
  • Embedded Supplementary Documents(COMING SOON)
  • AI-Generated Quizzes: Tailored to each topic with various question formats, including Single Choice, Multiple Choice, True/False, Fill-in-the-Blank (COMING SOON), and Matching (COMING SOON).
Captivate learners and reinforce concepts by adding interactive elements, multimedia, supplementary documents, and AI-generated quizzes. Save valuable time with AI-generated interactive quizzes. Simply choose your preferred question format and let AI Course Creator do the heavy lifting for you.

Seamless Course Sharing and Integration

Easy Sharing Options: Seamlessly share your courses by embedding them onto any webpage or delivering the training through any SCORM-compliant learning management system. Methods include:

Icon - Built-in Progression Tracking
HTML Embed Code (iframe)
Simply copy the embed code to share on any website, regardless of the content management system you use.
Icon - SCORM Compliant
SCORM Compliant
AI Course Creator courses adhere to SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) standards and are easily shareable via LTI to any compatible LMS.

Real-Time Learner Progress Tracking

Built-in Analytics: Provide instructors with real-time data and analytics to facilitate informed decision-making. Track learner progress, engagement, and performance to identify students facing challenges and provide timely interventions.
Refine course content, adapt instructional strategies based on learner engagement, and improve overall learning outcomes with real-time insights.
6 Easy Course Updates

Global Course Settings for a Diverse Audience

Tailored Learning Experience: Ensure course content is precisely tailored to your audience with global course settings. Features include:
Icon - Language Selection
Language Selection
Over 80 supported languages for training.
Icon - Country Context
Country Context
Inform the AI of correct country references for practical examples, legislation, spelling, etc.
Expand your target market to include non-English speakers and provide better support for ESL students by empowering learners to select their preferred training language. Ensure elements such as spelling, currency, practical examples, and related legislation are relevant to your learners.
Mobile First Design

Mobile-First Design for On-the-Go Learning

Optimised for All Devices: Empower your learners to undertake their training anywhere, on any device. AI Course Creator resizes perfectly on desktop, tablet, and mobile phones, for a seamless, user-friendly experience.
Provide a flexible, user-friendly learning experience that adapts to any screen size, ensuring optimal engagement and accessibility.

Customisable Design and Branding

Professional and Unique Courses: Deliver a professional, brand-aligned training experience with minimal effort. Choose from pre-designed course themes and further customise the elements to match your organisation’s branding.
Maintain consistent branding across different courses and modules with ease. Quickly create courses without spending hours on design, allowing you to focus on content creation.
Hop on over to the AI Course Creator website to learn more about how this incredible tool can transform your training delivery!
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