RTO Consulting Services & RTO Registration Support

Explore our thorough RTO consulting services, addressing key aspects to ensure your organisation not only meets regulatory requirements but also excels in its educational pursuits. Whether you’re starting with initial registration or managing change of ownership applications, our team is ready to expertly guide you through each step with precision. Beyond the basics, our services include comprehensive support for compliance assurance, validation processes, seamless expansion of your scope, strategic business and financial planning, and due diligence. Let us join you on the path to success, navigating the ins and outs of the VET sector, and achieving excellence in every facet of your RTO.
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Explore Additional RTO Consultancy Solutions

As ASQA intensifies its scrutiny of compliance standards, we will help your organisation navigate the complexities and mitigate risks. We offer services including:
Are you after RTO consulting services not mentioned here? Our team can tailor services to suit your requirements. Simply fill out the contact form and we’ll be in touch!

Expert Support for RTO Registration

Get your RTO up and running with minimal effort from you in the shortest time possible!
Our partner registration experts handle your RTO registration application from start to finish!
Looking to start your own RTO? We’ve partnered with a trusted RTO registration consultant, to provide you with an end-to-end initial registration service that will help get you up and running quickly, affordably and painlessly.

Launching Your RTO

The initial RTO registration service is a systematic approach to getting your new RTO registered with the least amount of time and stress possible.

Expert RTO registration consultants will work with you at all stages of the process as you prepare for ASQA registration and complete your initial RTO registration period. Included in this comprehensive service are the following:

Understanding Expectations

Before proceeding with RTO registration, they meet with your Shareholders/Directors to delve into the origins of your RTO and outline regulatory expectations.

Financial Viability Assessment

Their team of qualified accountants not only completes your Financial Viability Risk Assessment (FVRA) but also interprets your business's financial status. This insight aids in making informed decisions regarding capacity, course selection, and other registration-related matters.

self assessment
Self-Assessment Support

They provide hands-on assistance in completing the self-assessment tools, guiding you through each necessary process for your RTO. These solutions are customized to tackle compliance and operational challenges unique to your business.

People Assessment

It's imperative to disclose all individuals associated with your organization and ensure they meet the fit and proper person requirements mandated by ASQA. Neglecting this step renders your application incomplete.

Online Application Submission

All initial registration applications are to be submitted through ASQA's online platform, asqanet. This user-friendly process facilitates seamless management and payment of registration applications. Following submission via asqanet, you'll receive an initial invoice covering the lodgement fee for processing and assessment.

Work Smarter, Not Harder with the Help of Our RTO Registration Consultants

Why DIY your RTO registration and risk costly mistakes? Let expert RTO registration consultants handle the nitty-gritty and ensure success from the get-go. From prep to audit, you’ll be covered by the best.

Enquire now, and let’s get your RTO registration journey off to a flying start!