Custom Course Development

If you need custom training resources, we have amazing partners in resource development. Compliant Learning Resources works with incredible training resource developers who can provide custom course development to meet the specific needs of your RTO.

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Custom RTO Training and Assessment Materials

You can deliver a complete training and assessment course or component with the following custom resources:

  • Assessment Tools
  • Learner Guides & Other Learner Resources
  • PowerPoint Slides & Other Resources to Support Classroom Delivery
  • e-Learning Resources

You may choose to have a single training component for a unit or qualification, or a full training resource package. We can help you get the resources you need exactly how you need them.

Experienced Instructional Designers & Development Team

Here at Compliant Learning Resources, we’ve teamed up with only the best resource developers and instructional designers. They’ll be able to design and write great quality training and assessment materials that meet Australia’s VET industry standards.

We partner with a host of industry experts, independent contractors, and professional instructional designers. You can rest assured that the training materials you receive are developed by only the best in the industry. Deliver exceptional training with custom developed resources today!

Unit by Unit or Clustered Qualification Design

You can have your qualification resources designed unit by unit or as a cluster (where 2 or more units of competency are combined into 1 assessment workbook), however this is still subject to the approval of the developers.

Here are a few advantages of having a unit by unit designed qualification resource:

  • You can reuse the same unit in multiple qualifications
  • You can have funding paid on a ‘per unit completed’ basis.

There are also advantages to having a clustered qualification design which are:

  • Quicker to deliver and assess because duplicate assessment requirements for multiple units are assessed only once.
  • Quicker development time which means you can get the resources you need earlier and saves you money on development time.

Each option has its own merits depending on your RTOs specific situation. Contact us today to set up a consultation so we can better understand your needs and guide you to the best option.

Shared Use Licences Available

To keep costs at a minimum, our development partners offer a shared use licence. You’ll still be able to receive your custom resources written to your specifications while the seller retains the IP and has the right to sell and market the resources to other RTOs to subsidise development costs. The specifics of the licence option varies between developers so contact us for more information.

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