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What Does Your RPL Assessment Kit Contain?

All RPL kits come with a candidate and assessor version. They provide candidates with a range of tasks and activities to allow them to demonstrate their competence. They also provide instruments that allow them to collate workplace documents and third party reports/references quickly and easily.

  • The Assessor RPL tool provides assessors with the information they need to make quality judgements on the competence of their candidates.
  • The Candidate RPL tool provides your candidates with clear instructions to assist them in collating documents, meeting knowledge requirements and completing tasks to demonstrate competence for each unit they seek Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

What is RPL?

According to the AQF, Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is one of a number of processes for establishing credit or advanced standing. RPL broadens access into formal learning by enabling credit to be given for student achievement through other formal, non-formal or informal learning. RPL involves issuing organisations undertaking an assessment of each individual who applies to determine the extent to which that individual’s previous learning is equivalent to the learning outcomes of the components of the destination qualification. It is the responsibility of issuing organisations to offer RPL assessment to students.

The AQF also identifies the following attributes for RPL
To ensure consistency, fairness and transparency, issuing organisations should establish a systematic, organisation-wide approach to RPL including policies and procedures that govern implementation. The typical RPL process for providers consists of the following stages:

• Identifying the evidence required
• Providing advice to students about the process
• Providing students with sufficient information to enable them to prepare their evidence to meet the standard required for the RPL assessment process
• Assessing using appropriate evidence-gathering methods and tools
• Recording the outcome, and
• Reporting to key internal and external stakeholders.

RPL Assessment

When it comes to RPL assessment, the AQF advises:
• As with all assessment, this should be undertaken by academic or teaching staff with expertise in the subject, content or skills area, as well as knowledge of and expertise in RPL assessment
• Should be the same standard as other assessments for the qualification
• Should recognise learning regardless of how, when and where it was acquired, provided the learning is relevant to the learning outcomes in the qualification
• Must ensure that evidence provided is valid, authentic, current and sufficient and that the process is fair, flexible reliable and valid.

Training Package Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Kits

We have a great range of RPL Kits spanning many training packages. You can choose your RPL tools from the following Training Packages: