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FNS30122 Certificate III in Financial Services RTO Training Resources

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The qualification/unit is current.

FNS30122 Certificate III in Financial Services RTO Materials

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Your FNS30122 Certificate III in Financial Services RTO training resources come complete with:

  • Learner Guides – full of relevant and up to date learning content! Students will have everything they need to prepare for their assessment and the workplace.
  • Learning Activity Booklets – includes formative activities, practical activities, exercises and more!
  • PowerPoint Presentations – facilitate classroom or webinar delivery with ease using this handy teaching aid.
  • Learning Resource Mapping – unit requirements are all conveniently mapped to the FNS30122 learning guide so your RTO can easily demonstrate compliance and identify where requirements are covered within your FNS30122 training.
  • Assessment Workbooks – contains clear instructions for students to complete the summative assessments.
  • Assessor Guides – has easy-to-understand instructions, benchmarks, competency records and mapping notes to make assessment more effective and efficient.
  • Assessment Mapping – consists of a detailed mapping matrix, observation forms and assessor’s checklists, and other assessment forms and templates.

Your premium FNS30122 RTO materials include a host of compliance features to help your RTO keep up with compliance obligations.

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Resource Details

FNS30122 Certificate III in Financial Services RTO Resources and Assessment Materials

Deliver and assess the nationally recognised Certificate III in Financial Services course with these FNS30122 RTO materials!

Includes FNS30122 Learner Guides

You will have a full set of learner guides packed full of information and educational content for your students. This study resources serves as the “textbook” for your students.

These learner guides have been meticulously designed to ensure students have an engaging and meaningful learning experience. Trainers won’t have to look for supplementary references. The learner guides include images, multimedia references, dynamic design, complete real-world examples, and much more!

Best of all, your learner guides come in an unlocked, editable digital format on an unlimited student licence. Teach as many students as you want through your RTO without expensive recurring textbook fees!

Includes FNS30122 Learning Activity Booklets

The learning activity booklets come in a Learner version with the questions and the Trainer version with answers.

The booklets have all the activities students need to prepare for their summative assessment. They include formative activities, practical activities, and exercises they can complete during their training.

These activities ensure that students are well-prepared for their assessment. Trainers can look back on these activities and exercises in the FNS30122 RTO materials to see which areas of training students need more help with.

Includes FNS30122 PowerPoint Presentations

Give trainers better support when facilitating classroom or webinar training. The PowerPoint presentations contain information on the learner guide formatted in PowerPoint format and includes visual aids to provide an engaging learning experience for students.

Includes FNS30122 Learning Resource Mapping

The learning resource mapping tool is there to save trainers valuable time and effort. This handy tool maps unit requirements to the FNS30122 learning resources. Trainers can easily identify what part of the learner resource covers specific unit requirements.

Assessment Workbooks

Easily identify if a student is “Competent” or “Not Yet Competent” with knowledge and practical assessments. The workbooks have clear and easy-to-understand instructions for students.

These extensive summative assessments are there in the FNS30122 RTO materials to ensure that students taking the course are competent in the workplace or role.

Includes FNS30122 Assessment Guides

Assessment guides have detailed, specific assessment benchmarks. You must have quality assessment benchmarks in your FNS30122 RTO resources so your assessors can produce consistent, correct assessment judgements.

Without strong, clear assessment benchmarks, you risk having your assessors pass not-yet-competent students, leaving your RTO exposed to non-compliance at audit!

Good assessment benchmarks throughout your FNS30122 RTO materials assessment resources will help support and get better results from compliance processes such as moderation and validation too.

Includes FNS30122 Assessment Mapping

The Assessment Mapping tool is an Excel file mapping the unit requirements to each assessment activity. It is designed for compliance and each training resource inclusion is mapped to requirements. This advanced mapping helps your RTO when being audited or undertaking validation.

Additional Compliance Features

Unlimited Student Licence

Deliver and assess as many students as you want without any ongoing fees! Recoup your investments with just a handful of course fees and then reap the benefits of delivering a premium FNS30122 Certificate III in Financial Services training and assessment resource.

Easily Edit Resources to Suit Your Context

These resources come in fully editable format to allow you to edit for your context. The Learning Resources and Assessment Tools are developed using best practise for a generic workplace context. You can easily edit the resources to suit the context of your learner cohort or industry context.

We have also developed this useful Guide to Contextualisation which outlines how you can go about completing the contextualisation process. Please take a read before you use the resources.

Developed Unit by Unit

This new FNS30122 Certificate III in Financial Services training resources package is written in a unit-by-unit format to make it easy for you to change elective units to fulfil the training requirements for different student cohorts, contracts, and funding arrangements.

If you are delivering training under pay-on-completion funding arrangements, this resource style is perfect – allowing you to progress students to completion of a single unit and then submit a statement of attainment to receive payment!

Print or Upload to Your LMS

You have the freedom to print as many copies of the FNS30122 RTO materials as you want! Or upload the digital training resources to your LMS. Conveniently distribute and share the resources to your students, trainers, and assessors.

For more information about the FNS30122 Certificate III in Financial Services training package, visit training.gov.au.

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FNS30122 Certificate III in Financial Services Samples

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The FNS30122 Certificate III in Financial Services RTO training resources are developed and published by Compliant Learning Resources. For more information on the licensing and support of these training resources, check out the Compliant Learning Resources terms of sale.

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