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ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology RTO Materials


ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology RTO Materials Developed by Precision RTO Resources

Discover the exceptional quality of ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology RTO learning materials available today! Elevate your training delivery and provide unparalleled instruction with our comprehensive ICT50220 training and assessment resources.

Developed by Precision RTO Resources, these meticulously crafted Diploma of Information Technology training materials undergo rigorous quality assurance processes. We collaborate closely with industry experts to ensure that you receive compliance-aligned, relevant, and up-to-date ICT50220 RTO resources.

Learning Resources

  • Trainer Manual
  • Student Learning Activity Booklet
  • Trainer Learning Activity Booklet
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Learning Resource Mapping
  • Simulated Business Environment (for select courses)

Assessment Tools

  • Learner Resource + Trainer Manual
  • Learner Assessment Pack
  • Assessment Mapping Document
  • Observation Forms and Assessors’ Checklist

e-Learning Resources

  • Interactive Elements
  • Narrated Course Content
  • Cross-Device Compatibility
  • Plug-and-play Out-of-the-box Resource

One of the highly sought-after qualifications, the Diploma of Information Technology, focuses on a wide range of IT disciplines, including networking, systems administration, software development, database management, and cybersecurity.

With the skills and knowledge gained from this course, your students can work as network administrators, systems administrators, software developers, database administrators, or cybersecurity analysts. Help them achieve their dream job with high-quality ICT50220 training materials!

Our ICT50220 RTO resources come with an unlimited student licence, enabling you to train an unlimited number of students without incurring per-student fees. They are conveniently provided in an editable digital format, allowing for easy customisation, contextualisation, and rebranding as needed. Whether through popular learning management systems (LMS) or printed copies, these ICT50220 learner guides can be delivered to meet the specific requirements of your students.

Fill in the form now to gain comprehensive insights into our ICT50220 training and assessment resources. You will gain access to free samples, information packs, pricing details, and receive a personal walkthrough to understand the full potential of our ICT50220 RTO learning materials and training resources.

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Simulated Business

“Real World” Simulated Business Website

Elevate your ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology RTO resources with our cutting-edge simulated business intranet site, revolutionising the way unemployed students complete their training activities. By leveraging this advanced platform, you can save valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent on developing your own site and documentation.

Discover the remarkable advantages offered by our simulated business website:

Tons of Workplace Documents

Grant unemployed students equal access to a comprehensive collection of work documents and course resources, enabling them to successfully complete their training activities without concerns regarding privacy and confidentiality. With an extensive range of materials at their disposal, they can effectively immerse themselves in a simulated work environment.

An Assortment of Role-Play Scenarios

Provide better knowledge and skills while reducing trainer assistance. Help your students get a better grip on workplace scenarios and prepare them for the real world.

User-Friendly Experience

Experience a user-friendly interface that ensures seamless navigation for both trainers and students. Our simulated business website offers an intuitive display, empowering users to independently access and utilise the available resources. Additionally, the convenience of a single set of login credentials for all users simplifies the process and enhances user experience.

Invest in our comprehensive ICT50220 RTO training materials today and gain exclusive access to this innovative virtual workplace, revolutionising the learning journey for your students.

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Learner Resources

ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology Learning Resources

Enhance your Diploma of Information Technology training today with our secure, learner-ready, and well-researched ICT50220 RTO training resources.

Our comprehensive collection of ICT50220 RTO training materials, including assessment tools and learner guides, is meticulously designed to meet industry requirements, ensuring that your RTO delivers a sufficient volume of learning for the Diploma of Information Technology course. By incorporating these high-quality resources into your training, you can enhance learning outcomes and produce job-ready learners, thereby elevating your RTO’s reputation.

Our ICT50220 learner resources are specifically developed to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. These meticulously researched materials serve as comprehensive textbooks that align seamlessly with the assessments, offering valuable reference information and formative assessments to support learners throughout their training journey.

Learner Resource + Trainer Manual

Included in our package, at no additional cost, is a comprehensive ICT50220 learner resource that equips students with a tailored textbook designed for the ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology course. This resource, written in alignment with the assessments, ensures that learners have all the necessary information at their fingertips. Additionally, trainers can make use of the accompanying trainer manual, serving as a convenient reference for answering formative assessments and efficiently gauging student competency.

Learner Resource Mapping

To facilitate audits and validation, Precision RTO Resources provides comprehensive mapping documentation covering the ICT50220 learner resources, PowerPoint presentations, and assessments. Our meticulous mapping ensures alignment between all components of the training materials, giving you peace of mind during audits and validation processes.

Student and Trainer Learning Activity Booklets

Our student learning activity booklet offers a wide range of formative assessments and practice activities that allow students to develop their skills and apply their knowledge. The corresponding

trainer version includes instructions and answers to support trainers in identifying areas where learners may require additional assistance.

PowerPoint Presentation

Create an engaging learning environment with our visually appealing PowerPoint presentation. This resource incorporates infographics, images, diagrams, and concise keynotes, aiding student retention and understanding of the lessons.

When you acquire our ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology training and assessment resources, you also gain access to free updates. We continuously modify our materials to meet regulatory changes, comply with updates, and incorporate valuable client feedback, ensuring that your training remains current and effective.

Customising and contextualising your ICT50220 RTO learning materials is made easy with our editable files. This feature allows you to tailor the ICT50220 training materials to suit your learners’ specific needs and reflect your RTO’s branding.

If you would like to learn more about these exceptional ICT50220 learner guides by Precision RTO Resources, please send us an enquiry through the provided form. We’ll be delighted to provide further information and assist you in enhancing your training programs.

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Assessment Tools

ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology Assessment Tools

Enhance your evaluation process and ensure reliable assessments with our comprehensive range of ICT50220 assessment tools! These meticulously crafted resources have undergone thorough quality assurance and validation procedures, guaranteeing their effectiveness and accuracy. As a testament to their quality, we provide a validation acceptance certificate along with your assessment resources, showcasing their compliance with industry standards.

Assessor Assessment Pack

Empower your assessors with a comprehensive assessment pack that provides clear benchmarks, specific instructions, and answers to assessment activities. These resources equip your assessors to make well-informed evaluations, streamlining the assessment process and ensuring consistency.

Learner Assessment Pack

Enable your students to demonstrate their competency effectively with our learner assessment pack. It includes clear instructions, supplementary resources, and a diverse range of assessment activities to help them provide substantial evidence of their skills and knowledge.

Observation Forms and Assessor’s Checklist

Support your assessors in evaluating students’ performance or submissions with our observation forms and assessor’s checklist. These tools provide a comprehensive framework, offering clear descriptions and guidance for a thorough assessment process.

Assessment Mapping

Simplify compliance and streamline your validation process with our assessment mapping document. This document ensures that all assessment tasks and activities are mapped accurately to the applicable unit requirements, leaving no requirement unaddressed.

Our ICT50220 assessment tools have been meticulously validated against the unit of competency requirements, ensuring that all necessary criteria are met and aligned with the rules of evidence.

Take the next step and enquire now to discover more about our fully editable and highly adaptable assessment resources. Fill in the form to gain insights into the comprehensive ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology RTO materials.

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e-Learning Resources

ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology e-Learning Resources

Unlock the full potential of your training program with our exceptional ICT50220 e-Learning resources. These RTO materials are specifically designed to optimise your training delivery for the Diploma of Information Technology. While they seamlessly complement the ICT50220 training materials, they can also be tailored to integrate with your existing materials.

Discover the remarkable features below that can revolutionise your training approach:

Auto-marking Quizzes for Assessing Student Knowledge

Engage and assess students’ learning with auto-marking quizzes at the end of each chapter. These quizzes, featuring clickable elements, provide immediate feedback and enable learners to gauge their progress.

Narrated Course Content for Enhanced Learning

Cater to diverse learning styles and support students with LLN needs through narrated course content. The audio narration option is ideal for auditory learners and those with visual impairments.

Seamless Integration with Learning Management Systems

Effortlessly deliver content using popular learning management systems such as Moodle, Canvas, and eSkilled. Our e-Learning resources have a SCORM/HTML5 compliant format, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

Customise and tailor the ICT50220 RTO training resources to suit your brand’s style and meet the unique needs of your students. Take your training delivery to new heights by incorporating these immersive resources. Enquire now to explore our range of ICT50220 RTO training materials available for sale.

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ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology Units of Competency

The ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology resource package consists of a total of 20 units, comprising 6 core units and 14 elective units. This allows you the opportunity to customise your package according to your specific needs and preferences. You have the flexibility to select from a diverse range of elective units provided to tailor your learning experience.

Select On Your Units

Core Units

BSBCRT512 Originate and develop concepts
BSBXCS402 Promote workplace cyber security awareness and best practices
BSBXTW401 Lead and facilitate a team
ICTICT517 Match ICT needs with the strategic direction of the organisation
ICTICT532 Apply IP, ethics and privacy in ICT environments
ICTSAS527 Manage client problems

Elective Units

Group A – Advanced Networking Specialisation
ICTNWK546 Manage network security
ICTNWK540 Design, build and test network servers
ICTNWK529 Install and manage complex ICT networks
ICTNWK536 Plan, implement and test enterprise communication solutions
ICTNWK559 Install an enterprise virtual computing environment
ICTNWK557 Configure and manage advanced virtual computing environments

Group D – Business analysis specialisation
ICTSAS526 Review and update disaster recovery and contingency plans

Group G – Cyber security specialisation
ICTSAS526 Review and update disaster recovery and contingency plans
ICTCYS407 Gather, analyse and interpret threat data
ICTCYS613 Utilise design methodologies for security architecture
ICTCYS610 Protect critical infrastructure for organisations
ICTSAS524 Develop, implement and evaluate an incident response plan

Group N – Telecommunications network engineering specialisation
ICTNPL413 Evaluate networking regulations and legislation for the telecommunications industry
ICTNWK423 Manage network and data integrity
ICTPMG505 Manage ICT projects

Group O – General electives

Business Management
ICTICT523 Gather data to identify business requirements
ICTICT443 Work collaboratively in the ICT industry
BSBPMG537 Manage project procurement

ICTNWK542 Install, operate and troubleshoot medium enterprise routers

Project Management
ICTPMG505 Manage ICT projects
BSBPMG536 Manage project risk
BSBPMG532 Manage project quality

Web Design and Development
ICTWEB452 Create a markup language document

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About Precision RTO Resources

Precision RTO Resources (PRR) takes pride in presenting the ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology RTO resources, developed in partnership with Compliant Learning Resources. As a reputable Australian training resource publisher, PRR ensures top-notch quality and reliability.

When you choose PRR, you gain access to an extensive range of RTO learning materials that come with an unlimited student licence. These resources are provided in an editable digital format, allowing you to tailor them to your specific requirements. Whether you opt for traditional or blended delivery modes, PRR resources seamlessly adapt to your training needs.

The contextualisation process is simplified through editable documents, enabling you to align the materials with your training program. Additionally, PRR offers advanced mapping tools and learner guides for ICT50220 that facilitate validation and ensure compliance with industry standards.

To provide added assurance, PRR offers a free audit rectification guarantee. This guarantee ensures that in the event of non-compliance issues discovered during an official audit, you receive prompt support and assistance to address them effectively.

For detailed insights into the ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology training package and unit requirements, we recommend visiting training.gov.au.

To discover more about the exceptional ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology RTO training resources available for sale, we invite you to read the complete terms of sale, which provide comprehensive information and further details.

About eSkilled

eSkilled, a leading e-Learning developer, brings you the cutting-edge ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology e-Learning resources. Designed to meet the highest standards, these resources are crafted with precision and expertise.

eSkilled’s e-Learning training materials boast a SCORM/HTML5 compliant format, ensuring seamless installation and delivery. These resources provide a rich learning experience, incorporating formative learning activities and well-crafted learning content that enhances learner engagement and comprehension.

While summative assessments are not included, the focus is on fostering active learning through interactive elements and practical application of acquired knowledge and skills.

To gain comprehensive insights into eSkilled’s offerings, we encourage you to explore the complete terms of sale provided by eSkilled. This will provide you with a deeper understanding of their e-Learning resources, their features, and the benefits they offer.

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