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ICT60220 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology RTO Materials

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ICT60220 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology Training and Assessment Resources

Take your training delivery to new heights and achieve outstanding outcomes with our comprehensive ICT60220 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology RTO training materials. Developed by Precision RTO Resources, these

RTO materials are designed to meet the highest quality standards, ensuring an exceptional learning experience for your students.

Our ICT60220 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology RTO training resources and assessment materials undergo a rigorous quality assurance process. We consult industry experts to ensure the content is relevant, up to date, and aligned with compliance requirements, providing your students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

Learner Resources:

  • Trainer Manual
  • Student Learning Activity Booklet
  • Trainer Learning Activity Booklet
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Learning Resource Mapping

Assessment Tools:

  • Learner Resource + Trainer Manual
  • Learner Assessment Pack
  • Assessment Mapping Document
  • Observation Forms and Assessors’ Checklist

e-Learning Resources:

  • Interactive Elements
  • Narrated Course Content
  • Cross-Device Compatibility
  • Plug-and-play Out-of-the-box Resource

Prepare your students for the dynamic information technology industry with the ICT60220 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology! This engaging qualification opens doors to various senior ICT roles, from systems analysis and software development to network administration and web technologies.

Equipped with advanced ICT skills, problem-solving prowess, and effective communication, learners will confidently succeed in various work situations and environments. Perfect for aspiring software managers, e-learning managers, and IT programmers, this qualification will unlock your student’s potential in the fast-growing ICT industry.

Our ICT60220 RTO resources come with an unlimited student licence, enabling you to train a limitless number of students without incurring additional fees per student. They are provided in an editable digital format, allowing easy customisation, contextualisation, and rebranding to align with your RTO’s requirements. You can deliver the ICT60220 training and assessment resources through popular learning management systems or print copies.

To learn more about our ICT60220 RTO materials and training resources, simply fill in the form. Our team will provide free samples, information packs, pricing details, and a personal walkthrough, ensuring you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Learner Resources

ICT60220 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology Learner Resources

Equip your learners with comprehensive and industry-aligned ICT60220 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology learner resources. These RTO materials are specifically designed to enhance your training and provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their studies.

Our ICT60220 learner guides are meticulously researched and developed to meet the volume of learning required for the Advanced Diploma of Information Technology course. By utilising these ICT60220 RTO learning materials, you can improve learning outcomes and ensure your students are job-ready, thereby enhancing the reputation of your RTO.

Discover the key features of our learner resources and course materials:

Learner Resource + Trainer Manual:

At no extra cost, these ICT60220 RTO training materials are provided as both a textbook and reference for your learners and trainers. They are carefully aligned with the assessments, enabling students to utilise amazing references for formative activities, and allowing trainers to efficiently find answers to formative assessments while assessing student competency.

Learner Resource Mapping:

Our extensive mapping covers the ICT60220 learner resources, PowerPoint presentations, and assessments, providing advanced support during audits or validation processes.

Student and Trainer Learning Activity Booklets:

Engage your students and reinforce their skills with formative assessments and practice activities from the student learning activity booklet. The trainer version of our ICT60220 learner guide includes instructions and answers to support trainers in identifying areas where learners may need additional assistance.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Create an engaging learning environment with our visually appealing teaching aid. The presentation features infographics, images, diagrams, and concise keynotes, helping students retain lessons more effectively.

By acquiring our ICT60220 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology training resources, you will also receive free updates whenever modifications are made to meet regulatory changes, compliance updates, or client feedback.

Our editable files allow for easy contextualisation and customisation, ensuring that the training resources align perfectly with your learners’ needs and reflect your RTO’s branding.

Ready to learn more about these high-quality Advanced Diploma of Information Technology learning materials by Precision RTO Resources? Contact us by filling in the form, and our team will be happy to assist you.

Assessment Tools

ICT60220 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology Assessment Tools

Make reliable evaluations and confirm competence with our comprehensive ICT60220 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology assessment tools.

Experience the highest quality standards with our meticulously validated assessment tools. We prioritise rigorous quality assurance processes to ensure the excellence of our resources. As evidence of our commitment to validation, we provide a validation acceptance certificate alongside your assessment materials, offering tangible proof of their essential validation.

Explore the exceptional features of our ICT60220 assessment tools:

Assessor Assessment Pack:

Equip your assessors with the necessary tools to make well-informed evaluations. Our pack includes clear benchmarks, specific instructions, and comprehensive answers to assessment activities, streamlining the assessment process and ensuring consistency.

Learner Assessment Pack:

Empower your students to effectively demonstrate their competency with our learner-focused pack. It provides clear instructions, additional resources, and a diverse range of assessment activities, facilitating the collection of ample evidence.

Observation Forms and Assessor’s Checklist:

Support your assessors in evaluating student performance and submissions with our comprehensive observation forms and detailed checklist. These tools offer clear descriptions and guidance throughout the assessment process, enhancing accuracy and reliability.

Assessment Mapping:

Streamline your validation process and ensure compliance with our comprehensive mapping document. It showcases the alignment of all assessment tasks and activities with the unit requirements, leaving no aspect unaddressed.

Our assessment tools undergo meticulous validation against the unit of competency requirements, adhering to the rules of evidence and ensuring compliance at every step.

Enquire now to discover more about our fully editable and highly adaptable assessment resources. Fill in the form to receive comprehensive information about the ICT60220 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology RTO materials.

e-Learning Resources

ICT60220 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology e-Learning Resources

Enhance your training delivery for the Advanced Diploma of Information Technology and boost student engagement with our comprehensive e-Learning resources! These e-Learning resources perfectly complement the ICT60220 RTO training materials and can also be seamlessly integrated with some of the most popular learning management systems.

Discover the incredible features of our ICT60220 e-Learning resources and how they can benefit your training:

Auto-marking Quizzes for Assessing Student Knowledge

Engage students and assess their understanding with interactive, auto-marking quizzes at the end of each chapter. With clickable elements, students can instantly gauge their learning progress.

Narrated Course Content for Varied Learning Styles

Cater to diverse learning preferences, including those with language, literacy, and numeracy (LLN) needs. Our e-Learning resources feature audio narration, providing an alternative learning experience for auditory learners or individuals with visual impairments.

Plug-and-Play Installation for Seamless Delivery

Effortlessly upload and deliver e-Learning resources using popular learning management systems. Our ICT60220 training and assessment resources are SCORM/HTML5 compliant, ensuring compatibility with platforms like Moodle, Canvas, and eSkilled.

The ICT60220 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology RTO learning materials can be easily customised, contextualised, and branded to align with your organisation’s style and meet the specific needs of your students. Take your training delivery to new heights by embracing these immersive and flexible RTO materials. Enquire now to explore the possibilities and unlock a world of engaging e-Learning resources for sale.

ICT60220 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology Units of Competency

The ICT60220 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology program encompasses a comprehensive set of 16 units, comprising 6 core units and 10 elective units. Tailor your learning experience by selecting the elective units that best align with your goals and interests.

Choose On Your Units

Core Units

BSBCRT611 Apply critical thinking for complex problem solving
BSBTWK502 Manage team effectiveness
BSBXCS402 Promote workplace cyber security awareness and best practices
ICTICT608 Interact with clients on a business level
ICTICT618 Manage IP, ethics and privacy in ICT environments
ICTSAD609 Plan and monitor business analysis activities in an ICT environment

Elective Units

Group A – Advanced data management information specialisation
ICTICT523 Gather data to identify business requirements

Group B – Cyber security specialisation
ICTCYS604 Implement best practices for identity management
ICTCYS606 Evaluate an organisation’s compliance with cyber security standards and law
ICTCYS608 Perform cyber security risk assessments
ICTCYS612 Design and implement virtualised cyber security infrastructure for organisations

Group G – Telecommunications network engineering specialisation
ICTNPL413 Evaluate networking regulations and legislation for the telecommunications industry
ICTNWK612 Plan and manage troubleshooting advanced integrated IP networks
ICTPMG613 Manage ICT project planning
ICTTEN615 Manage network traffic
ICTTEN622 Produce ICT network architecture designs

Group H – General electives
Project Management
BSBPMG532 Manage project quality
BSBPMG536 Manage project risk

Network Security
ICTNWK540 Design, build and test network servers
ICTNWK557 Configure and manage advanced virtual computing environments
ICTNWK559 Install an enterprise virtual computing environment
ICTNWK612 Plan and manage troubleshooting advanced integrated IP networks
CPPSEC3124 Prepare and present evidence in court

Strategy and Business Management
BSBLDR601 Lead and manage organisational change
BSBSTR601 Manage innovation and continuous improvement
BSBPMG537 Manage project procurement

Telecommunications Network Engineering General
BSBLDR523 Lead and manage effective workplace relationships
BSBPMG530 Manage project scope
BSBPMG430 Undertake project work

Telecommunications Network Engineering Networking
ICTNWK546 Manage network security

Explore the diverse range of units available and create a learning pathway that suits your needs within the course with our ICT60220 learner guides. Expand your knowledge and expertise in your chosen specialisation.


About Precision RTO Resources

Precision RTO Resources (PRR) is a reputable Australian training resource publisher and partner of Compliant Learning Resources. We have developed the ICT60220Advanced Diploma of Information Technology RTO resources to meet the highest standards of quality and compliance.

When you purchase our ICT60220 RTO learning materials, you receive an unlimited student licence, editable digital format, and compatibility with various delivery modes, including blended learning. Customising the RTO materials to suit your specific context is effortless with our editable documents. Additionally, our advanced mapping tools simplify the validation process, ensuring alignment with the unit requirements.

To further support your RTO, PRR offers a free audit rectification guarantee, helping you address any non-compliance issues identified during an official audit.

For a comprehensive understanding of the ICT60220Advanced Diploma of Information Technology training package and its unit requirements, we encourage you to visit training.gov.au.

To explore the full details and terms of sale for our ICT60220Advanced Diploma of Information Technology RTO training resources, please refer to the complete terms of sale.

About eSkilled

eSkilled is an esteemed e-Learning developer specialising in the creation of high-quality ICT60220Advanced Diploma of Information Technology e-Learning resources.

Our e-Learning training materials are designed with a SCORM/HTML5 compliant format, ensuring a seamless installation and delivery experience without any technical glitches. While our resources include formative learning activities and learning content, please note that summative assessments are not included.

To delve deeper into the eSkilled terms of sale and gain a better understanding of our ICT60220Advanced Diploma of Information Technology e-Learning resources, we encourage you to review the complete terms of sale document.

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