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CLR Sale - Resource Pack-July 2024

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ICT20120 Certificate II in Applied Digital Technologies RTO Materials

Status: Current
Status: Current

ICT20120 Certificate II in Applied Digital Technologies RTO Resources and Assessment Materials

Enhance your training delivery for the ICT20120 Certificate II in Applied Digital Technologies with high-quality RTO materials and assessment resources developed by Precision RTO Resources. Our comprehensive ICT20120 RTO training materials will elevate your training programs and ensure optimal student learning outcomes.

Our ICT20120 RTO materials are meticulously crafted through a stringent quality assurance process. We collaborate with industry experts to ensure that the resources are relevant and up to date, meeting the highest vocational education and training standards.

RTO Learning Resources

  • Trainer Manual
  • Student Learning Activity Booklet
  • Trainer’s Learning Activity Booklet
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Learning Resource Mapping
  • Assessment Tools

Assessment Tools

  • Learner Resource + Trainer Manual
  • Learner Assessment Pack
  • Assessment Mapping Document
  • Observation Forms and Assessors’ Checklist

e-Learning Resources

  • Interactive Elements for Engaging Learning
  • Narrated Course Content for Enhanced Understanding
  • Cross-Device Compatibility for Flexible Learning
  • Plug-and-Play, Out-of-the-Box Resource for Easy Implementation

Unlock the exciting world of digital technologies for your students with the Certificate II in Applied Digital Technologies! This program, ICT20120, empowers learners with problem-solving abilities, application proficiency, and familiarity with systems and hardware, laying the groundwork for success in roles like data entry operator and beyond.

From digital literacy to IT operations, web development, and optimising social media use, this comprehensive course empowers students with the skills they need to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Our ICT20120 RTO resources come with an unlimited student licence, ensuring you can train as many students as needed without incurring additional fees. These resources are provided in an editable digital format, allowing for seamless customisation, contextualisation, and branding. You can easily upload them to popular learning management systems (LMS) or print copies as per your students’ requirements.

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Learner Resources

ICT20120 Certificate II in Applied Digital Technologies Learner Resources

Give your Certificate II in Applied Digital Technologies training a boost with our ICT20120 learner resources, specifically designed to meet industry requirements. Our comprehensive ICT20120 RTO learning materials will help your students achieve the necessary volume of learning for this course, resulting in improved learning outcomes and job-ready learners who will enhance your RTO’s reputation.

Our ICT20120 learner resources and course materials provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills. Thoroughly researched and accompanied by formative assessments, these materials offer comprehensive information to support your learners.

Learner Resource + Trainer Manual

Included in the RTO resources is a ICT20120 learner guide and trainer manual, which serves as a comprehensive textbook aligned with assessments. The ICT20120 learner guide contains formative activities and information students need to progress and complete the course, while trainers can refer to the manual to efficiently assess student competency and provide guidance.

Learner Resource Mapping

Our learner resource mapping covers not only the ICT20120 learner resources but also PowerPoint presentations and assessments. This comprehensive mapping provides advanced support during audits and validation processes.

Student and Trainer Learning Activity Booklets

We offer student and trainer learning activity booklets for student practice and skill development. The student version includes formative assessments and practice activities, while the trainer version provides instructions and answers to aid in identifying areas where learners may need additional support.

PowerPoint Presentation

To create an engaging learning environment, our resources include a PowerPoint presentation with infographics, images, diagrams, and concise keynotes. This visual teaching aid helps students better retain lessons and reinforces their understanding.

When you acquire our ICT20120 RTO training resources, you will receive free updates whenever modifications are made to meet regulatory changes, compliance updates, and client feedback. Additionally, our editable digital format allows you to easily customise and contextualise the training and assessment resources to suit your learners’ needs and reflect your branding.

If you would like more information about the ICT20120 Certificate II in Applied Digital Technologies RTO resources, please send us an enquiry using the provided form.

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Assessment Tools

ICT20120 Certificate II in Applied Digital Technologies Assessment Tools

Ensure accurate evaluations and validate competence with comprehensive ICT20120 assessment tools!

Our ICT20120 assessment tools have undergone a meticulous quality assurance and validation process, guaranteeing the highest quality standards. You will receive a validation acceptance certificate alongside your assessment resources, proving they have undergone this vital process.

Assessor Assessment Pack

Empower your assessors to make informed evaluations using clear benchmarks and specific instructions. Our ICT20120 training materials include answers to assessment activities, streamlining the assessment process and ensuring consistency.

Learner Assessment Pack

Enable your students to effectively demonstrate their competency. The learner assessment pack provides clear instructions, additional resources, and diverse assessment activities to help students provide ample evidence of their skills and knowledge.

Observation Forms and Assessor’s Checklist

Support your assessors in evaluating students’ performance or submissions with comprehensive observation forms and a detailed checklist. These tools provide clear descriptions and guidance, ensuring accurate and consistent assessments.

Assessment Mapping

Streamline your validation process and demonstrate compliance with our mapping document. All assessment tasks and activities are mapped to the applicable unit requirements, leaving no aspect overlooked.

Our ICT20120 assessment tools have been thoroughly validated against the unit of competency requirements, ensuring compliance and alignment with the rules of evidence.

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e-Learning Resources

ICT20120 Certificate II in Applied Digital Technologies e-Learning Resources

Supercharge your training delivery of Certificate II in Applied Digital Technologies with interactive e-Learning resources! These comprehensive ICT20120 RTO training materials are designed to maximise student engagement and can be seamlessly integrated with your existing ICT20120 training and assessment resources.

Explore the exceptional features of our e-Learning resources and how they can benefit your training program:

Auto-Marking Quizzes to Assess Student Knowledge

Empower your students to assess their learning progress effortlessly. Our e-Learning resources include auto-marking quizzes at the end of each chapter, allowing students to immediately gauge their understanding and identify areas that require further attention.

Narrated Course Content for Diverse Learning Styles

Cater to different learning preferences, including those with language, literacy, and numeracy (LLN) needs. The narrated course content provides audio support, making it ideal for learners who prefer auditory learning or have visual impairments.

Plug-and-Play Installation for Seamless Integration

Deliver the e-Learning resources instantly through popular learning management systems (LMS). Our e-Learning resources are compatible with SCORM/HTML5 standards, ensuring smooth integration with platforms such as Moodle, Canvas, and eSkilled.

Customisable and Contextualisable Format

Tailor the ICT20120 Certificate II in Applied Digital Technologies e-Learning resources to align with your brand’s style and meet your student’s specific needs. You can easily edit, contextualise, and customise the materials to create a cohesive learning experience.

Take your training delivery to new heights with these immersive e-Learning resources for the ICT20120 Certificate II in Applied Digital Technologies. Contact us now to enquire about these high-quality RTO materials for sale and revolutionise your training program.

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ICT20120 Certificate II in Applied Digital Technologies Units of Competency

The ICT20120 Certificate II in Applied Digital Technologies training resource package comprises a total of 12 units, including 6 core units and 6 elective units. To create customised packaging, you will need to select two units from Group A and three units from Group B, while the remaining units can be chosen from the provided list of elective units.

Decide On Your Units

Core Units

BSBSUS211 Participate in sustainable work practices
BSBTEC202 Use digital technologies to communicate in a work environment
BSBWHS211 Contribute to the health and safety of self and others
ICTICT213 Use computer operating systems and hardware
ICTICT214 Operate application software packages
ICTICT215 Operate digital media technology packages

Elective Units

Group A – Digital and technology skills
BSBTEC101 Operate digital devices
BSBTEC201 Use business software applications
ICTICT216 Design and create basic organisational documents
ICTICT223 Install software applications
ICTICT224 Integrate commercial computing packages
ICTSAS214 Protect devices from spam and destructive software
ICTSAS218 Obtain and connect hardware peripherals
BSBTEC301 Design and produce business documents
BSBTEC302 Design and produce spreadsheets
BSBTEC303 Create electronic presentations
BSBXCS303 Securely manage personally identifiable information and workplace information
BSBTEC203 Research using the internet

Group B – ‘Work ready’ skills
BSBCRT201 Develop and apply thinking and problem solving skills
BSBINS201 Process and maintain workplace information
BSBOPS201 Work effectively in business environments
BSBOPS202 Engage with customers
BSBOPS203 Deliver a service to customers
BSBPEF201 Support personal wellbeing in the workplace
BSBPEF202 Plan and apply time management
BSBTWK201 Work effectively with others
FSKDIG002 Use digital technology for routine and simple workplace tasks
FSKDIG003 Use digital technology for non-routine workplace tasks

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About Precision RTO Resources

Precision RTO Resources is a reputable Australian training resource publisher and a trusted partner of Compliant Learning Resources.

When you purchase our ICT20120 RTO learning materials, you gain access to a wealth of benefits. These resources come with an unlimited student licence, allowing you to train as many students as needed without additional fees. They are provided in an editable digital format, enabling easy customisation and contextualisation to suit your specific requirements. Our materials are also compatible with blended delivery modes, ensuring versatility and flexibility in your training approach.

To learn more about the ICT20120 Certificate II in Applied Digital Technologies training resources and its unit requirements, we encourage you to visit training.gov.au, where you can access detailed information about the program.

For complete terms of sale and to explore more about our ICT20120 RTO training resources for sale, check out the full terms and conditions.

About eSkilled

eSkilled is a renowned e-Learning developer specialising in the creation of high-quality ICT20120 Certificate II in Applied Digital Technologies e-Learning resources.

All e-Learning training materials are meticulously designed with a SCORM/HTML5 compliant format, ensuring seamless installation and delivery. Our e-Learning resources encompass formative learning activities and rich learning content to enhance student engagement and promote effective learning outcomes. However, it’s important to note that summative assessments are excluded from our offerings.

To gain further insight into eSkilled’s terms of sale, we encourage you to review the complete terms provided.

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