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ICTTEN202 Use hand and power tools RTO Training Resources and Learning Materials


ICTTEN202 Use hand and power tools RTO Materials

Deliver high-quality training with these sought-after ICTTEN202 Use hand and power tools RTO learning resources in Australia! These ICTTEN202 RTO materials are equipped with amazing features to help you elevate your training delivery.

These resources were acquired “as-is” from a well-known publisher and most units include these materials:

Training and Assessment Resources:

  • Learner Guide
  • Student Assessment Workbooks
  • Trainer Manuals
  • Competency Records
  • Assessment Mapping

Additional Features:

  • Unlimited Student Licence
  • Editable Digital Format
  • Printable and Uploadable to LMS

Contact us for a complete unit matrix for this product range to see the specific inclusions for each unit of competency and full unit samples to evaluate the training content.

This unit is included in the ICT20219 Certificate II In Telecommunications Network Build And Operation qualification.

For more information about ICTTEN202 Use hand and power tools RTO resources and to get free samples, contact us today!

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Resource Details

Your new ICTTEN202 learning resources are designed with a range of premium features for your trainers, assessors, compliance staff and students. Quality ICT learning resources and Assessment tools are hard to come by and these resources will fast track your RTOs ability to complete your set of training resources and get these qualifications on scope.

You can find more information about the ICTTEN202 unit requirements on training.gov.au, including currency, packaging, and more!

Unlimited Student License

Deliver and assess ICT training to as many students as you want using the ICTTEN202 RTO training resources! This package is delivered in digital format with an unlimited student license. This means there is just one upfront license fee and no more fees to pay to use the materials for the life of the qualification no matter how many students you train.

About These Install and terminate coaxial cable Resources

These resources were developed by one of the biggest RTOs in Australia and as such have been well and truly road-tested with real students and at ASQA audits. The RTO was wound up in 2017 due financial issues after losing VET Fee Help Funding, however, had a very good Training and Assessment, and audit track record. We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to offer these thoroughly road-tested learning resources to RTOs across Australia.

This package is provided “as-is, where-is” and is a great starting point for your RTO to get this hard to find unit ready for training delivery. We have an ongoing project to inventory the many thousands of units from this publisher, so contact us for the most up to date list of product inclusions in this resource package.

Detailed Assessment Mapping of ICTTEN202

Quickly and easily find and demonstrate where Performance Criteria, Knowledge Evidence, Performance Evidence and other assessment requirements are found in your new ICTTEN202 training materials!

Editable ICTTEN202 Assessment Tools

Assessment Tools will be delivered with unlocked, editable assessment workbooks in Word format so you can modify and contextualise assessments for compliance and to suit your students’ needs.


These resources have been heavily discounted due to the incomplete nature of some of the tools required to complete the qualification. Whilst we are confident in the quality of the tools supplied, we also want to make it clear that there are gaps in the assessment tools for some units and it is the RTOs responsibility to ensure they are compliant with the standards for RTOs prior to delivering the course, or applying for addition to scope applications. We make no claims to the compliance of these tools and the Compliant Learning Resources Audit Guarantee does not apply to these resources.

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Learning Resources

ICTTEN202 Use hand and power tools Learning Resources Developed by Careers Australia Group

Your new ICTTEN202 Use hand and power tools RTO training materials include:

  • Learner Guide

    The ICTTEN202 learning resources will supply your students with all the information they need to complete the assessment tasks.

Train as many students as you want with ICTTEN202 Use hand and power tools RTO training materials. These vocational training resources are delivered with unlimited student licence, so you don’t need to pay additional fees.

Your new ICTTEN202 RTO resources also come in editable digital format that are easy to modify, contextualise, and rebrand to suit your needs. Print unlimited copies or upload them straight to your LMS for easy distribution.

Enquire now for more information about ICTTEN202 Use hand and power tools learning resources!

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Assessment Tools

Assessment Tools for ICTTEN202 RTO Resources

Your ICTTEN202 RTO materials will typically include these useful assessment tools for each unit:

  • Trainer Manual

    Accompanying the learner guide, this manual contains answers to the assessment tasks in this unit of competency and will guide your trainers when assessing and checking students’ workwork.

  • Assessor Assessment Book

    Includes assessment tasks, answer keys, and instructions to guide the assessors on how to assess the students. This provides a great check point for trainers to understand how learners are progressing and identify whether early intervention is needed to help them succeed.

  • Student Assessment Workbook

    The practice activities and summative assessments in these workbooks will help the assessors determine the students’ competency, so trainers will know which areas a student might need additional support in.

  • Assessment Mapping

    This very useful compliance validation tool will help you identify where unit requirements have been met in the materials.

  • Competency Records

    With the help of this tool, your assessors can easily see each of your student’s progress and keep records of competency achievements.

All ICTTEN202 assessment tools are contextualisable, rebrandable, printable, and editable to perfectly meet your requirements. They also come with unlimited student licence that lets you assess as many students as you want.

Learn more about ICTTEN202 Use hand and power tools learning resources and assessment tools. Reach out to us today for free samples and customised quote!

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ICTTEN202 Samples

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Please check the licensing and product support here for terms and conditions of sale of resources from Careers Australia.

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