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SHBHDES004 Create Classic Long Hair Up RTO Training Resources and Learning Materials


SHBHDES004 Create Classic Long Hair Up RTO Materials

Secure the latest Vocational Education and Training (VET) SHBHDES004 Create Classic Long Hair Up RTO materials. Assess your students and provide a first-class learning experience with these course materials.

Your SHBHDES004 RTO resources come with incredible features that you need to deliver first-rate training and assessment.

Learning Resources Inclusions:

  • Learner Guide
  • Class Activity Book
  • Self-Study Guide
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Session Plan

Assessment Kit Inclusions:

  • Student Assessment Pack
  • Trainer Assessment Pack
  • Mapping Information
  • Supporting Documents

Get in touch with us for a complete unit matrix of this product range to view the inclusions for each unit of competency and receive full unit samples to evaluate the training content.

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Resource Details

SHBHDES004 Create Classic Long Hair Up RTO Training Materials

Get the latest SHBHDES004 RTO resources now and get set up to deliver the SHBHDES004 unit ASAP. Your new RTO training materials package will help you deliver a premium learning experience to learners and thoroughly assess your students through:

Unlimited Student License – lets you use the training resources for as many learners as you want in your RTO without incurring additional per-student license fees.

Adaptable to Online Learning – your SHBHDES004 RTO materials can be adapted and optimised for online delivery.

Fully Editable – your SHBHDES004 RTO resources are supplied in a fully editable format so you can modify, adapt, and contextualise them to suit your RTO’s and student cohorts’ particular needs.

Mapped to Training Package Requirements – the mapping document conveniently maps the learning and assessment resources to the training package requirements.

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Learning Resources

SHBHDES004 Create Classic Long Hair Up Learning Resources

Your SHBHDES004 Create Classic Long Hair Up RTO learning resources have undergone thorough validation, formatting, and proofreading with the help of industry experts to ensure high quality and compliance.

These sought-after SHBHDES004 RTO materials include:

  • Learner Guide

    The SHBHDES004 RTO learning materials include engaging content to help your students obtain knowledge of the concepts. These also contain self-assessment questions after every chapter to know how your students’ progress in that chapter.

  • Class Activity Book

    The course materials contain various activities like fill-in-the-blanks, multiple-choice questions, true or false statements, practical exercises, and short answer questions that will aid you in determining your student’s knowledge.

  • Self-Study Guide

    This additional study material guide in your SHBHDES004 RTO resources will help your student prepare for assessment. It has the answer key that your trainers can use in checking your student’s answers.

  • PowerPoint Presentation

    Your SHBHDES004 training resources include PowerPoint Presentations that are easy to navigate with interactive and visual contents linked with the learner guide to give your students a great learning experience.

  • Session Plan

    This useful tool will aid your trainers in organising their classes and delivering effective training. This provides an overview of the sessions, what can be included in the session, and other relevant information.

The SHBHDES004 RTO resources come with an unlimited student licence, so you only need to pay once to gain unlimited resource delivery. These vocational training resources are also delivered in a fully editable format to enable you to easily contextualise, customise, modify, and re-brand them to meet your RTO requirements.

Customise your RTO training materials to suit all training delivery methods – face-to-face, online, or blended. For easy distribution, you can print unlimited copies of your SHBHDES004 RTO resources or simply upload them to your LMS.

Enquire today for more information about SHBHDES004 Create Classic Long Hair Up RTO training resources for sale and to get free samples!

Assessment Tools

Assessment Tools for SHBHDES004 RTO Resources

Your SHBHDES004 RTO materials contain useful assessment tools to aid your assessors. Efficiently and effectively judge learner competency with these tools.

  • Student Assessment Pack

    This tool contains detailed information about practical assessments to help your students in completing them. It also includes a detailed assessment plan, comprehensive instructions, and assessment result sheets for each task.

  • Trainer Assessment Pack

    This serves as a marking guide for assessors and trainers. It has detailed benchmarking answers and instructions to aid in completing different tasks.

  • Mapping Information

    Your SHBHDES004 RTO materials contain a detailed mapping of practical assessments to ensure that you are meeting all the requirements.

  • Supporting Documents

    These SHBHDES004 RTO resources also include additional important documents such as templates, policies, and procedures to aid you in your training delivery.

All SHBHDES004 assessment tools and training materials come in a fully editable digital format, so you can easily contextualise, edit, modify, re-brand, and print these RTO resources to suit your needs. These training resources also come with an unlimited student licence to allow you to assess as many students as you want.

Reach out to us today for more information about SHBHDES004 Create Classic Long Hair Up RTO materials for sale or schedule a walkthrough.

SHBHDES004 Samples

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SHBHDES004 Create Classic Long Hair Up Individual Unit Package


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