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Compliant Learning Resources will provide you with training package learning resources that will provide your students and trainers with the best training experience. Our instructional designers produce training resources that follow “best practice” instructional design and assessment tools that are written to meet every unit of competency requirement. When you buy complaint learning resources you can be assured that you will have the best RTO training resources and RTO training materials around.
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Having quality RTO materials and resources means that your RTO can focus on delivering training and meeting your learner needs with the assurance that the experience a rewarding one for all. Our RTO training resources come with a compliance guarantee, giving you peace of mind to get on with your business, knowing that you have the best learning and assessment resources to work with.

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  • 100% compliance guarantee (T&Cs apply)
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  • Assessment tool mapping documents
  • Simulated online workplace to support students
  • Easy to read learner resources to guide students on their learning journey
  • Critical enhancements and updates to training resources and RTO materials
  • No ongoing fees – no expensive third party textbooks