MEM09010C Create 3D models using computer aided design system Learning and Assessment Resource Bundle

Get this MEM09010C Create 3D models using computer aided design system learning resources and assessment tools from one of Australia’s leading resource providers! Invest in the RTO training resources you need to deliver and assess this sought after unit of competence from the MEM training package. Your MEM09010C RTO training resources come with an unlimited student digital license complete with:

  • Learner Guides to assist your learners to achieve competency and complete their Assessment Tasks
  • Assessment Tools fully mapped and written to meet the training package requirements, plus provide a good learning experience for your students.
  • Assessment Benchmarks comprehensive assessment benchmarks are available for your assessors to assess against, essential for consistent assessment judgements.
  • Mapping Documents your detailed record of where training package requirements are found in the assessment tools, essential for compliance day to day and at audit. We will provide a complete Mapping Document unit list with your enquiry.

MEM09010C Create 3D models using computer aided design system Training Resources and Assessment Materials will be delivered in unlocked digital format (Word, Excel etc) so you can modify and contextualise assessment tasks for compliance and to meet your learner cohorts needs. You’ll receive an unlimited student license, so you can deliver and assess to as many students as you want for the life of the qualification release with no additional fees!

This product is now superseded, but may still be purchased and used as basis for developing the new unit. This amazing product will shortcut your time to developing the new MEM09010 unit by weeks! Get your course in the market, months earlier and start delivering and assessing sought-after manufacturing and engineering training.

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This sought after MEM09010C learning resources are designed with a range of premium features for your trainers, assessors, compliance staff and students. Quality MEM learning resources and Assessment tools are hard to come by and these resources will fast track your RTOs ability to get these qualifications on scope.

According to there are real skills shortages across Australia in the Electrotechnology Industry, meaning continuing demand for quality vocational education and training in this sector. Enable your students to develop the skills and knowledge they need to gain and hold employment in this sector.

You can find more information about the MEM09010C unit requirements on

Unlimited Student License

Deliver and assess MEM training to as many students as you want using the Create 3D models using computer aided design system RTO training resources! This package is delivered in digital format with an unlimited student license and includes Learner Guides. This means there is just one upfront license fee and no more fees to pay to use the materials for the life of the qualification no matter how many students you train.

About These Create 3D models using computer aided design system Resources

These resources were developed by one of the biggest RTOs in Australia and as such have been well and truly road-tested with real students and at ASQA audits. The RTO was wound up in 2017 due financial issues after losing VET Fee Help Funding, however, had a very good Training and Assessment, and audit track record. We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to offer these thoroughly road-tested learning resources to RTOs across Australia.

Detailed Assessment Mapping of MEM09010C

Quickly and easily find and demonstrate where Performance Criteria, Knowledge Evidence, Performance Evidence and other assessment requirements are found in your new MEM09010C training materials! The mapping matrices you will receive with your MEM09010C RTO resources are an essential compliance tool and invaluable when you are audited.

Includes MEM09010C Learner Guides!

Many RTOs fall into the trap of investing in slightly cheaper “assessment tool only” packages and then discover they are on the hook for potentially hundreds of dollars per student to get learning content to deliver the course! We have Learner Guides or Candidate Guides for most of the units in this qualification. Enquire Now for the complete Learner Guide Unit list.

Our MEM resources include Learner Guide content on the unlimited student license. Quality Learner Guides are a critical training resource that provides essential course information, which means potentially:

  • Less trainer support required.
  • Less resubmission attempts if students find the correct information first time (saving you money on assessment!).

Editable MEM09010C Assessment Tools

Assessment Tools will be delivered with unlocked, editable assessment workbooks in Word format so you can modify and contextualise assessments for compliance and to suit your students’ needs.


These resources have been heavily discounted due to the incomplete nature of some of the tools required to complete the qualification. Whilst we are confident in the quality of the tools supplied, we also want to make it clear that there are gaps in the assessment tools for some units and it is the RTOs responsibility to ensure they are compliant with the standards for RTOs prior to delivering the course, or applying for addition to scope applications. We make no claims to the compliance of these tools and the Compliant Learning Resources Audit Guarantee does not apply to these resources.



MEM09010C Samples

Please enquire now using the form to receive a free info pack with more information and samples of the MEM09010C Create 3D models using computer aided design system RTO materials.

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